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    I was listening to the following podcast ( shared last year on this forum.

    So I have decided to find the Hedge too 😉 …

    The conditions were simple. For couple of indicators => TF 1hr. No stop, no target. Sell after 5 bars (5hours).

    The following candidates had an Hedge (more money than the begining of the test…) : The MACD, the Volume and the %Williams. I did not tried them all.

    Hereafter are the results.

    I’ll share the strategy on post N2.

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    Here’s the strategy.

    Only 28 trades…

    Not much history for the volumes…

    Q: How can we make this strategy better ?

    Sharpe ratio would be interesting…




    I would be very very satisfied with current results – I assume done with only 1 contract.

    Try a “re-invest” strategy that will leverage the results. You can also switch from mini cfd to real future contract that leverages also.



    Thx you Mr Blue.

    I do not have and IB account yet 😉 for futures.

    Yes, 1 contract first. over 500 EUR/PTS goes to 2 etc…

    Sorry what do you mean with current results ? I “assume” that you mean backtest results…Not live.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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