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    If I temporary stop my live Algo from ProOrder Auto Trading, (not delete,  StrategyProfit value is $7,000 before stop) and re-start it a moment later.

    The value of StrategyProfit value return to zero or still $7,000?




    Hi Bin,

    If you stop the program (not delete), the strategy profit will be kept in the memory of ProrealOrder, until you START it again, then you should see your 7.000$ again in the general profit. When you STOP the program it is like you put it in stand-by, rather than stop it.

    A different case is if you DELETE it from Prorealorder to change something in the code, then when you upload it again, even if you didnt change anything, it will be treat it as a completely new one and will start from 0$.


    Sorry, I misunderstood. Disregard my answer. You were talking about the code itself.



    I think it is the same. You have to copy paste code and start a New one to reset strategyprofit.




    Thanks all, then may be my coding problem, I found the position size drop from 2 to 1.


    Hi Nicolas

    Please help me move this post to platform support, and hope Prorealtime helpdesk can verify my case, because I found my code is correct, backtest also 2 positions when strategyprofit was over $7,000.



    So you have stopped your strategy and after a relaunch your position size has dropped to 1? (the default position size according to your code?).


    Hi Nicolas



    Ok, so the strategyprofit has been resetted to zero. What does the running strategies of the ProOrder window shows about the current profit of this specific one?


    Hi Nicolas

    Screen cap attached.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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