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    Anybody had any Systems where the box was ticked to Readjust Stops (see attached) but which ended up with a massive Profit or Loss which bears no relation to values for TP and SL??

    I have Set Target pProfit and Set  Stop pLoss both less than 250 in value and yet I have 2 Systems – one currently showing Profit > +2,500 and the other Loss > -2,500. The Systems have (stuck) in the same single trade for many weeks.

    I have checked and – prior to above nonsense – these Systems both had numerous trades over many weeks correctly obeying the set values for TP & SL.

    Only thing I can think of is that IG readjusted stops (enabled by ticked box as attached) but the TP and SL values have not returned to their set values in the code??

    Above scenario is on my Demo Account.

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