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    Good afternoon Mr. Cesar!


    Thank you for your confidence in our products.


    Now you have a 3-month trial for both bots.


    Our team suggests to you, and all users in general, the rental of the 3 bots that make up the “VENDETTA” strategy.


    Please watch the “VENDETTA” strategy video, it is very important that you understand its content.


    Thank you, and good afternoon!

    #182373 Report

    The total accumulated profit since October 14, the activation date of these versions of our live bots is € 1034.27

    Since the day of activation, we have scored a total of 37 wins out of 42 possible wins, giving our bots a% trades with a profit of 86.49%.
    Mention that a trade with losses was in the Dax bot “BETA PREDATOR”, and has settled with € 0.52 of damage, that is, the trade practically ended in breakeven point.

    This Friday we had a very good example of the development of the “VENDETTA” strategy, and that is that despite the detrimental operation in the Nasdaq bot “ALPHA PREDATOR”, our “BETA PREDATOR” bots for the Dow Jones and Dax indices have achieved not only cover the operation with losses, but also generate weekly profits.


    Pay special attention to the captures of the indices, and especially, to the operations carried out yesterday Friday.

    And remember, “minimize risks, maximize benefits.”


    Thank you good day!

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    They have a new video on the development of the “VENDETTA” strategy throughout the previous week, and in particular yesterday, Friday, Black Friday.

    A good example of the good functioning of the “VENDETTA” strategy.


    11-27-2021. Perfect example of how the “VENDETTA” strategy works on Black Friday. – YouTube

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    Hello !


    After the 1-month trial period in the Nasdaq bot “ALPHA PREDATOR” + you can purchase the 1-month trial period in the “VENDETTA” Strategy.


    Remember, the “VENDETTA” Strategy is the product recommended by the Skynet G. A. S. team.

    Watch the video and you will understand why we recommend it!



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    At Skynet we keep adding, slowly but surely.

    This will be the last weekly benefit update, the frequency of benefit update from now on will be monthly.
    Monthly, on the 1st of each month, you will have a joint profit update, a set of operations with profits, the number of pips obtained by each bot, and the benefit obtained on the asset for each bot.

    From October 14, activation date of the current version of our bots:

    The joint profit amounts to € 1,240.27.
    The overall rate of operations with benefits is 87.5%.

    Pips obtained with Nasdaq “PREDATOR ALPHA” v. Wolf on Nasdaq asset, 618.8 pips … 3.95% of asset value.
    Pips obtained with Dow Jones “BETA PREDATOR” in asset Dow Jones, 667.05 pips … 5.44% of asset value.
    Pips obtained with Dax “BETA PREDATOR” in Dax asset, 704.3 pips … 3.71% of the asset value.


    Our best wishes!

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    Sorry, we have made miscalculations in the profit percentages on the Dow Jones and Dax assets.


    Please keep the € 1,240.27 of joint profit from the bots activation day, and 87.5% of joint rate of profit trades.

    And with the pips (618.8), and profit on the Nasdaq asset (3.95%) with the Nasdaq bot “ALPHA PREDATOR”.


    Have a good weekend, thanks!.

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    The Skynet G.A.S. team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022 !!!

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    I’m interessed by the Trial offer, but in the Marketplace I have a message that the coupon has expired.

    How about this trial ?

    Thank you


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    Good morning Mr. cgassfr67!

    The trial period of one month, effectively, expires in all our products.

    You can get a trial period of 3 full months for € 1 each bot at the following address:

    Please note that there is a discount coupon for each bot.



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    On January 2-3 we will publish the first quarterly results.

    Actually, in this first publication of quarterly results, only the results from October 14, 2021 (2.5 months + -), the activation date of our bots, will appear, in this way we will adapt to the subsequent quarterly results.

    The results will be published in this same thread and in the description of our products in the MarketPlace.

    In addition, we will have a new video explaining the events of this first quarter.

    Thank you very much to all!

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    Good morning!

    This weekend, and to start the year 2022, in Skynet we are going to update our Skynet Nasdaq bot “PREDATOR” +.

    -We include a new version in addition to the three already existing, “Eagle”.
    We include an interactive module in the “Fast Version Selector” code, where the user can easily enable / disable the attributes they want the bot to work with, and we include new attributes, until now it was difficult to manipulate the code.
    In addition, in this module, we explain each attribute, for greater, and easy understanding of the user.

    Of course, all our users will receive an email with the corresponding explanations.

    Thank you very much, have a good day and we wish you a prosperous year 2022 !!!

    #184272 Report

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Results of our bots since October 14, 2021.
    On this occasion the results belong to two and a half months, in this way, and in subsequent presentations of results, we will do it quarterly.

    Skynet Nasdaq Predator + Bot (Wolf Version without MM, € 1 pip):
    4 operations with benefits of a total of 6 operations, 67% of operations with benefits, 1.7% return of profit on the value of the index, 231.9 pips / euros of profit.

    Bot Skynet Dow Jones Predator + – (without MM, € 0.5 pip):
    29 operations with benefits of a total of 33 operations, 88% of operations with benefits, 1.38% return of profit on the value of the index, 208.3 pips / euros of profit.

    Skynet Dax Predator Bot + – (without MM, € 1 pip):
    21 operations with benefits of a total of 24 operations, 88% of operations with benefits, 4.18% return of profit on the value of the index, 652.1 pips / euros of profit.

    Due to the complexity of calculating results in our bots with MM, we will only expose the total economic benefit, as of today it is € 315.32.

    The results are positive, but they are far from optimal, in particular in our bots with MM, in Skynet we do not hide.
    It has been a complicated quarter, there have been some circumstances that from tomorrow afternoon we will expose in a video on our YouTube channel.

    We understand that all users having activated our bots later than October 14, 2021, either in demo, or with real money, their results will probably be positive but lower, or even negative, depending on the time of activation and if it is. made with MM or without MM.

    To obtain more ambitious results we need a clear trend in the markets, be patient, and keep watching our results.

    Our best wishes!

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    Users already have the quarterly summary on our YouTube channel, and last night the Skynet G.A.S team updated our Skynet Nasdaq Predator + bot.


    Just remind you that the update only consists of a new module in the code to change the version and parameters in an interactive and more understandable way for users, and a new version of our bot called “Eagle”.

    Have a great day!

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    With the new update there is a lot of posibilities to adapt Alpha Predator to your personal taste. I found Eagle and Panther versions the ones that suit me the most. In the attachments I will leave my current configuration for my real account for reference and perhaps discussion. I will use mostly Eagle for now and activate Panther when I feel more bullish. It is not the case right now. I will activate as many Eagles with MM=0 up to my desired level of leverage or perhaps adapt the “fixedPS” to that amount.  I have added results on backtest for these configurations on 50k  candles.

    #184552 Report

    Results for 100k and 200k candles. With these results Eagle with partial close looks like more balanced on choppy times, and Panther provides better results on the long run, as Nasdaq has been very bullish for a few years now.

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