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    So all was going swimmingly until an outage yesterday (ASX Cash timeframe) with PRT and since then we’re now capped to something close to ~30k bars in 1sec int Australia Cash 200., could be lingering outage issues, housekeeping. The DAX30(now 40) however seems worse for wear. Was a rock before then.

    It looks to only be affecting 1sec ints. and duplicating another chart from another period, say 5min, will recreate the charts correctly when 1sec is selected however shortly afterwards it redraws to ~30k bars – this is with or w/o the indicator applied.





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    Anyway to add txt to the vertical lines (as drawn by code below)?

    drawvline(datetobarindex(20220606110000))Coloured (105,105,105)style(dottedline,1)


    Thanks in advance.



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    There you go:

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    Hey Rob ….

    I must be going sideways on this one, this is what I had below but it was spitting the dummy.

    I’ll look closer and see what the go is.

    drawtext(“SGX”,datetobarindex(20220606110000))Coloured (105,105,105)style(dottedline,1)


    Many thanks for the speedy reply … 🙂


    edit: lol, dotted line ref. ….. one of those days. Thanks for setting me straight.


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    Hi Team,

    I’ve put together something with Rob’s help over the journey that’ll plot open times and label them. Many thanks for this.

    Been great for the past few weeks till the other day where it started to flag an error, complaining about date format.


    I shrunk the days to 1 and it’s still having a problem.

    Very much a newb here with this and thanks for your patience with me.










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    For some reason the month code for July is being interpreted as  70 rather than 07.


    The lines commented out allowed for line plots only, apologies for the mess.

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    Not sure what happened here tbh, will have a closer look but this is usually set and forget.

    Even backups confirm it was <10, so,




    for a fix?

    Really confused atmo .. lol


    Will see how the day rolls up.

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    Just as a follow up – I needed to create a new indicator with the same code otherwise the vectoring wouldn’t work.

    Copying and pasting.

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    Just updating that all went well after the tweaks.

    Kind of odd that it all worked for a few weeks then went RS.

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