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    I had also problems this morning! Two of my strategies opened a trade but the trades were directly close again. One with the error message that the stop was to close and the other with the error message that the stop was too far away. Both strategies have been running for months before without trouble. 

    This was at 9:15 this morning for the GBP/USD and earlier during the nigh at 3:26 for USD/JPY. Both strategies running on 15min TF.

    Both trades were closed with a small loss and would have been profitable later.

    Opened another ticket…


    Dear Desper

    At least, you can raise a ticket with PRT and maybe be fund back and the problem could be solved.

    Before using PRT, I used  before MT4 with VPN and you can t complain to anybody. You are not able to know if it comes from mt4 or broker or vpn….


    I used a VPN to run MT4. The VPN was restarting every 24 hours…Caused MT4 to stop all strategies every time…Perhaps I did not take the best VPN however, PRT on that specific aspect got 5 stars !


    Me too, EURUSD 15min was also rejected yesterday.


    Still no reply from PRT in this issue… 🙁


    Once it happend exacly the same (open a Position, next bar Close it, the strategy was used and operate already)…

    In my case it was an error in the code: It was a precision  error because I was measuring double Derivate in a very Long period moving average. then the number was ver very small… somewhere in the code I had a Division in a very small number then this error was traslated somewhere else in the code and… it create a stop loss Level very far away…



    My clue for find the mistake was the order list… I have many rejected orders by IG from PRT just before it Closes the Position automaticly.


    I think you are very upset with PRC lately, I hope it gets better.


    The problems for the two strategies were stop loss related. For one strategy the trade was close because it tried to set a SL to close and the other too far away but this is non sense. Both strategies have correct SL programmed. It was definitely a mistake by either PRT or IG or both of them.


    Both strategies have correct SL programmed

    No matter of that, it will always be the broker that confirm or not your orders in its order book. Don’t know why they were rejected (widening spread, slippage, etc.).. The problem here is that the broker don’t send any information that could be interpreted by the code so that we could take another action in case of problem. Such as “what is the spread?”, “how much slippage is allowed?”, etc. 😐


    I doubt that can be explained with slippage or widening of spread. I had a stop loss about 50 pips und this were strategies on GBPUSD and USDJPY.

    No reasonable answer from PRT, as I was afraid. 🙁


    This is happening constantly to me now as well, all strategies that have been running smoothly for weeks!

    “The stop distance you have requested is too far from the opening market level”

    Someone either at IG or PRT is screwing my winning strategies over.


    I open some trades in proorder with a stoporder

    and sometimes for a entry the stoporder is to close and it try a couple of times and then stop the strategy and i miss the entry (i have change the code so that its better but not optimal)

    the best thing would be if the stoporder would adjust automatically to the minimum stop distance 


    about stoporder to far away

    never had this problem

    is the stop based on an indicator?



    I had strategies with a fix 50 pips stop stopped because I requested a stop loss XXXX pips away or the second version with that I requested a too close stop order. This is obviously a bug in PRT.


    This is obviously a bug in PRT.

    Why? Once again … PRT will shut down your strategy, to prevent you of loosing your funds, if some orders has not been validated by the broker, that’s its normal behavior, it can be frustrating, but that’s how many rookie coders are safe from their own lack of knowledge about automated trading.. 

    Even if you have orders “with a fix 50 pips”, it is possible that the broker can’t accept them for its own reasons. Don’t ask me why, I’m not a broker. I’m programming with many different trading platforms and some of them have dozens of errors handling only related to market behaviors or technical issues.    


    Ok Nicolas, but say I have a fix TP of 50 pips in my strategy and then the strategy is stopped because I’m supposed have requested a TP 2000 pips away from price. There is obviously something going wrong since I never requested such a TP. There must be a bus (or call it whatever you want) either in PRT, IG or in the communication between those two.

    And if my strategy is stopped (sometimes even with a los!!), I can not see how stopping my strategy because of a TP I never requested with a loss shall safe my funds. I lost money through it several times and even more often trades were stopped with small minus or or also small profit that would have become winning trades.

    I really do not understand why you always react so allergic when I write of a bug in PRT (and there are obviously several; I’m in constant contact with PRT because of this and even PRT themselves say that there are bugs!). I really like PRT and consider it a great platform but there are quite some malfunctions in it (which I hope will be solved one day). I’m also aware of that we often blame the problem on PRT though it might be that it is a problem in the communication with IG.

    I started now using matlab because I’m a little tired of some thing I can’t do with PRT but I keep PRT by the side and will also continue to use it. Many things that are quite cumbersome in matlab are very easily done in PRT so it is just to chose the right tool for the job and not try eating a soup with a fork. 🙂

    No hard feelings! 🙂


    why you always react so allergic

    This is not the case, otherwise a lot of posts would have been erased or moderated, and I did not 🙂 

    The problem of the forums is that it reads a lot of things and that the mere fact of reading them, we take for real and acquired. This conveys so many false ideas, especially on trading, that it becomes difficult to separate true from false. I like things to be clear and I need to put things back in place because there are a lot of neophytes going around the forum who do not realize that automatic trading requires a lot more work than manual trading and that go through all the little technical knowledge that you and I know well but are at the level of nothingness for these people.
    To pronounce the word “bug” to generalize all the errors that can occur between a line of code and a trading order on market is very reductive and should be used rather sparingly.

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