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    Hi All,

    I written a program for automated trading and use this below indicator logic as a condition to put the trade. It used to work fine till last week but from today onwards its not working. In other words, it is not returning 1 when the last ten candles close price consistently above EMA20.

    When i tested it further, until i check last four candles(including the current one) it works perfectly but when i increase it to last five candles it is giving abnormal results.. attached some screenshots related to this.

    Lost quite a bit of money because of abnormal trades system put in. So, Any insight into this will be much appreciated.



    Hi @VarmaRudra

    Try this one…


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    You are a star. Thank you. I wonder why it stopped working from Yesterday. I always that logic but your program is much better.

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    avatar JS

    Try this one…

    Hi JS,

    Why would that help, you think ?
    (I had been staring at the issue for 15 minutes before I gave up)


    Sorry, I don’t understand your question…


    This code works fine:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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