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    I have today a very annoying problem. A lot of functions of the platform don’t work correctly. Some are not even displayed. Look at the picture attached. When I for example want to add an indicator to the chart it just opens an empty window.

    I restarted PRT 3 times but it is always the same. Does somebody else experience this problem?


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    Yes I’ve had loads of weird similar odd non functioning screens, freezey things happening in the last week or so.  I would say since the last update on 5 March, but I could not be 100% sure on that assertion!

    I am getting round it by using the PRT Java version!

    I have gone back to the Launcher version a few times,  but I’m on the Java version most of the time so it must be better for me.

    I say it as above as I’m trying to achieve what I want to do despite the PRT Platform foibles! I’m not keeping records of Issues, but when you post about things Despair then often it rings a bell … hey, I had that same Issue a day or two back!

    Wow I am being controlled and constructive! 🙂


    PS I have my RAM set at 8GB now on the Java RAM slider as that is how much RAM I have on my PC.


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    Hmm I never experienced this kind of problem before. My strategies seem to be unaffected but some other functions don’t work. I wanted to code something for a customer today but I had to postpone it because several functions regarding indicators simply don’t work. :-S

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    Try using the Java version and let us know how you get on?

    Increase the RAM slider to what RAM you have on your machine.

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    How do you do that? So far I always logged in to MyIG and there clicked on “start prorealtime”. I thought that I was using the java version. 🙂

    P.S.: Found it!

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    OK, now I started the java version. I have 24Gb installed in my computer so I wanted to put the slider on >8GB but then it always says that I have to instal 64-bit java although I have this installed.

    Anyway it worked starting the platform and also now the problems I described above disappeared BUT when I click on technical support it shows that although I have 64bit java installed ( it even says so, see the picture attached) PRT is only using 4GB (it uses 9GB if I start it the usual way).

    Well at least the indicators are working again. Thank you Grahal for making this suggestion.

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    I also thought that the message re the 64 bit Java had detected that I hadn’t got 64 bit Java, but I think now it is a precautionary message so we make sure we have got 64 bit Java.

    What RAM value do you get if you check using Task Manager?

    I have my slider set to 8GB, but have never seen RAM value via Task Manager at more than around 2GB and usually a lot lower than 2GB.

    Happy to Help! 🙂

    PS weird how the RAM values are different??

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    Well since I’m on a mac I don’t have the windows taskmanager and I’m embarrassing bad with Mac OSX so I don’t really know how to check the memory usage but since I’m hardly running any backtests anymore I can live with PRT using only 4GB.

    At least I could now program the indicator for the customer. 🙂

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    I don’t think the RAM allocation function on PRT works as it should (it never has as far as my experience goes). I have 32GB RAM and have the slider set to 8GB+, installed Java 64bit etc etc and yet PRT only ever allocates 4GB RAM max ! It slows down my PC drastically as I have a lot of charts open. Annoying.

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    I always used the launcher before and then there is no slider but I has it also when running under windows that it never showed more then 4GB allocated to PRT. When I switched to my MAC this jumped up to 9GB. Though I can’t recall that I ever saw that all this 9 GB were used. Well it has been running now all day with the java version and 18 charts open. Works fine so far. Didn’t run any backtests though.

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    Well for me the update has definitely broken something. 3 times today the platform just froze and I had to kill and restart the PRT. Haven’t had this level of freeze ever before. Of course this means anything you were working on if you haven’t press save every minute is lost. And yesterday, PRT lost my template ie the saved template I had whenever PRT starts for the last 3 mths just disappeared. To be fair this bug is an old one as it happens roughly once every 3 mths so I usually save a backup periodically but, in all honesty, this really shouldn’t be happening.

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    Yes I am getting loads more freeze ups since the Update on 5 March 18.

    In addition to freeze ups during full internet connection, I also lost several hours coding work yesterday due loss of Internet Connection and then when internet was restored the whole Platform was froze solid and wouldn’t do anything I had to Task Manager exit!

    Clearly there the – take up where it left off  function (what is the technical term?) on PRT Servers is not working as it should??


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    For me the display issue because of which I started this thread was a one time event. Both yesterday and today I had no problems like this – and I’m back to using the launcher and not the java version. I change the status of this thread to resolved.

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