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    never noticed this before, substantial price difference between the PRT platform and the IG web platform. Attached image shows them side by side at the close of play.

    PRT is the mid, IG is the sell price, so mid would have been 2.4 points above that. At first I thought it might have been something to do with uncrossing, but 20 minutes later it was the same.

    Other indices were closer, but over 14 points difference on the Dow — and each showing completely different profit in the position.

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    Is it to do with IG going over to 30 points spread on DJI for the weekend?

    No can’t be as DJI market not closed yet, it closes at 22:00 UK time?

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    Yeah, 22.00 on Fridays. The spread was 4.8, so 14 pts between the mid price of each. I’ll have to look again on Monday to see if its like that in open hours or just some weirdness after the close. Can’t believe I never saw it before.

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    more weirdness between IG and PRT – 190 pts difference on the DAX! seriously?

    I closed my position via the IG platform at 23:12 GMT  at 14580, when PRT was saying it was only worth 14490


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    the difference was only apparent between IG demo and PRT Demo. My IG live account was showing the same prices as PRT.

    But for some freaky reason, IG demo added nearly 200 points to the DAX just after the restart


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    Just after the restart of your platform or just after the Open of the Market?

    If Market, how long after? You sure it wasn’t at exactly Market Open?

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    At the restart it gapped up something like 1.3% – but only on IG demo. The PRT chart told a completely different story.

    I watched it for 10 minutes or so trying to figure out what was going on, then closed my position as a test, just to see which price it gave me.

    It’s only demo that was affected so it’s of no real consequence, but it’s gotta make you wonder where they get these numbers from.

    You can see it on the demo DAX chart, hit a high of 14595 then tanked at 01:15 where it fell in line with the PRT chart.

    At the moment there is a small discrepancy between the 2, but only a couple of points.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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