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    PRC Marketplace Volume Profile Solutions store dedicated topic, intended for: news – masteritf updates – enquiries – trials – requests – users helping each other sharing store codes knowledge, screen captures, and sharing their own customised setups – FAQ’s… (non-exhaustive list)

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    Dear all,

    The advanced volume profile pack including daily sessions VP and Composite VP is now made available through the “free trial” new feature as stated above.

    More precisely, you can launch your free trial at anytime until end of august, for a duration of one week.

    I hope you enjoy it. Feedback and requests as part of our continuous existing product improvement approach and/or next product developments are welcome, thanks for your time.


    Hello JC_bywan!

    Thanx a lot for the trial of the advanced VP Pack! I downloaded it this afternoon and spent some hours checking all the parameters and knowing the product. I will start my holidays on saturday so no time to lose using the trial 🙂

    I am really interested in buying this product but for the moment I have some questions and requests:

    • In the “past days” and “composite”, would it be possible to add a “display text menu” as it is in the “live” version? Words on the chart bother me a lot. Same for the Close & Open, make it possible to hide or maybe just see the arrows? Trying to keep the chart as clean as possible.
    • In the “composite” I miss the VPOC, VAL & VAH price values on the right side of the window as they are in the “live”.
    • I would really like if you add a VPOCTransp command as the ValueAreaTransp or OutsideVATransp.
    • When using the “composite” I felt forced to use it with the VPLeftRight on the right side of the chart because if you keep it on the left side you have to zoom out a lot to be able to watch it. It would be very nice to have it always fixed on the left side of the chart as it does the VNP indicator (prorealtime). If it is not possible, maybe creating a “PositionInPast” command as you have the “PositionInFuture” command for the right side of the chart. The problem is when you change the asset in the same workspace you have to edit this parameter and others to adjust the composite… in that sense the VNP works very well adjusting its shape to the zoom.
    • I really don´t understand how to use the “UpDownCandlesVolume”, “Back2back” & “Dualzone” options in the composite… Is there any document or link where I can understand the point and how to use them? For sure I am missing something and I don´t get which are their advantages (if they are) over the classic use with the VAH & VAL zones.


    I hope I have been clear and gave you some nice ideas or at least useful requests that you can implement, and again, thank you very much for your work, it is amazing!




    Edit(added note): originally posted in the general marketplace topic, before current store topic was created.

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    Link to original reply: #175720


    Hi Pablo @capgros,

    Thanks very much for your very kind words and your feedback, at first glance I can try to get most of your requests added (and some sort of workaround for a custom left-side position as I can’t read directly zoom level from code) without other users objecting, as part of continuous product improvement, and email you another private trial to beta-test these additions when you’re back, before updating the master file for all.

    Please contact me through the Volume Profile Solutions store to tell me your holidays return date, I’ll use it as a deadline. You may use either the « contact vendor » left side window on the store home page, or the « product enquiry » tab in the advanced VP pack page, I’ll then have your email to send you the new trial with implemented requests on your return.

    Once you’ve contacted me through the store, I will know you’ve seen this reply and I will then move your previous post in a specific volume profile store topic I will open in the “general discussions” forum for requests, news, users knowledge sharing, etc…

    Thanks again, and talk to you soon


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    Hello again,

    I have realized that, in all the versions, just the option 10 of the “BarStyleMenu” (the rainbow one) is drawn under the candles, all the other options draw over the candles, as you can see in the comparative in the attached image. I really like to use the option 4 or whatever, but personally I would prefer to have the profile bars drawn under the candles for a better understanding of the chart.

    Thanx & best regards!


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    It will be in the beta too at your return. Have a good holidays!

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    Dear all,

    A new volume profile free trial period starts, please click on blue button “free trial” on the right hand side:



    Summary of main additions and improvements of the updated version (not yet described in above link):

    • New (x)days, (x)weeks, and monthly VP sessions made possible from intraday timeframes in “Daily Sessions VP” (so not just “daily” anymore despite the name…)
    • Naked Single Prints lines from TF30mn added (visible in any TF lower than 30mn)
    • Historical develoment trace of Value Area and Vpoc easier to set up from just one file now, instead of both before, in “Daily Sessions VP”, and started date of these lines decoupled from starting date of past VP sessions
    • Naked VPOC lines improved, and VPOC transparency setting added
    • All users requests made on PRC forums and by email about display text improvements and bar styles implemented
    • Composite profile position possibilities increased at user’s request



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    Hello all,

    Please prepare for masteritf update of VP_composite file from version v2.6 to v2.7 before Jan 1st, by making note or screen capture of your parameters window customised settings to rebuild them faster.

    Main additions are:

    – adaptation to composite VP of the successfully modded algorithm in v2.6 daily sessions VP for value area and vpoc history

    – added compatibility with daily timeframe over and above original core functions for intraday timeframes


    Involved by the update are all licenses for rent or lifetime of Composite VP on its own:



    and also all licenses for rent or lifetime part of value packs also including daily sessions VP:




    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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    i m interrested by the indicator, is it possible to add the volume number like the picture in attachement ?





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    Hi, thanks for your message,

    it wouldn’t be difficult to add the option for user to see it, be it with a switch or adding an extra choice in an existing menu, as it is already coded in there for development purposes (permanent check everything adds up when adding new capabilities in the code).

    As I just made a masterfile update it’s a bit soon to make an official new update, but if you want to get in touch with store contact form and let me know there in more details what you need (current live daily session only, past daily sessions, composite, all of them, and color criteria if not all in the same color, other…) I can then adapt the code(s) to send you a beta version with your needs included, which can then serve as a free trial too if you wish.

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    Hello JC,


    sure, i can test and share to you the feedback. I think this option could interrest the people, some peoples are numbers, some others are picture.


    the interresting thing is the color of number too wih the gradient.




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    Noted thanks, I’ll include color schemes in printed numbers options

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    nice 🙂


    and if the box lines is too tiny maybe add an option for choosing line instead of box.




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    Hello Jc,


    i have a question: is possible to show on left, 300 days of volume + M30 volume on right on M30 chart  ?



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    Hello, sorry for the delay, I am back,

    #188161: Line style is already in marketplace masteritf version, by setting parameter “BarStyleMenu” to 0

    #188573: To display 300 days of volume on M30 chart, you would have to use the Composite VP. At the moment, there is a customisation option to choose your composite VP location on the left instead of the right, either at start of composite period, or anywhere on the left with a custom position parameter. In the near future, there will even be the capability to anchor it on the left of the screen even if you zoom in or out, thanks to a request made for that purpose, currently tested before deployment.

    You would also need to define how many units of history to load on your chart:

    – if 14h per day asset, that’s 28 half hours per day chart, for 300 days, then 8400 units needed >> pick 10000

    – if 24h then 48 half hours, times 300 = need 14400 units >> pick 15000

    For what you want to display on the right, I am not sure to understand the « M30 volume on the right» question? I assume you don’t mean the latest 30 min bar only, do you mean current daily session VP made from 30mn OHLC data?

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    For what you want to display on the right, I am not sure to understand the « M30 volume on the right» question? I assume you don’t mean the latest 30 min bar only, do you mean current daily session VP made from 30mn OHLC data?

    ==> yes



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