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    could someone help me code a indicator that shows how many stocks on the NYSE that are above 200 ema? something like this:


    this one shows aprox. 25% of stocks  are above 50 ema.


    If not possible, is it possible to do a screener? Made one but could not find how many stocks that are on all the 3 US stocks lists.


    Do not double post. Ask your question only once and only in one forum. All double posts will be deleted anyway so posting the same question multiple times will just be wasting your own time and will not get you an answer any quicker. Double posting just creates confusion in the forums.

    You can achieve your goal with a screener:

    but it’ll work only with a PREMIUM version from PRT, which supports 1024-bar data history, not with IG which only supports 254.
    You need 200, but EMAs use more than twice their periods to make calculations.
    If you only have 254 bars, you can only use SMAs:


    Sorry for double post! And Thanks for screener 🙏 problem with screener is i dont know how many stocks screener use. Say i use it on stocks-NYSE, results show 800 stocks. But out of how many? From There i can calculate to see how many % Are under sma200.

    is it possible to make it as in indicator instead like the picture in my post?


    An indicator will only be applied to the chosen instrument/asset on your chart. You will have to change hundreds of them manually.

    Only sceeners have access to multiple instruments.

    You can choose price as a filter the otput:

    the one above will be applied only when their price is greater than 1000.


    i see, but since i dont know how many stocks there are in each of these three (see pic) i cant know if screener is showing 800/1000 or 800/3000. Cant find anywhere how many stocks are in each of those lists.


    sorry, forgot to upload picture.


    did a new screener

    This way i could see how many stocks there are 🙂

    But screener wont be live since using close, right? What can i use to have the screener update live on daily?


    could you help me do a screener updating on 1 min but uses daily 200 sma?


    No, you can’t.



    okay, but if i use 5m TF on screener and use 240 sma, (5m x 12 x 24) to get 20 daily sma on 5m TF, so sma 5760 on 5m screener, will that update live if price closes below sam 5760 every 5 min?


    What is 5760? If it’s the periods, then it can’t be used.



    yes, but if i would use screener 1h TF, i dont want to have end of day update to see how many stocks are above 20 sma on daily. So i use 20 x 24h =  sma 480 would be same as sma 20 on daily? But if i understand you correct, i cant use more than 254 since im on IG?


    But then 4h TF would be possible? 20sma x 6 (6x 4h bars on daily) = SMA 120 on 4h chart would be same as SMA 20 on daily? and therefor not have to wait on end of day data?


    i can see now that screener is updating on every tick, problem solved 😀 thanks roberto!


    new thought, is it possible somehow to make alerts on screener? like when screener shows less then 100 stocks?


    No, it’s not possible to know how many stocks have been scanned (be them successfully or not).



    but if do it this way, cant see why this would not work?


    Screener 1: show all stocks above price 0 = 5553 stocks

    screener 2: show all stocks above 20 SMA daily = 2270 stocks

    around 41% of stocks are above 20 SMA on daily.


    what am i missing? or doing wrong?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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