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    I think I know the answer to this already but is it possible to associate a label with array entries so that they stay in the correct place after an arraysort?

    In the hypothetical example below, it works until I sort the array and then you would lose the label order obviously.

    Is there a way this could be achieved?




    You need to use two arrays, 1 for data and 1 for labels, then sort them using custom code (such as bubble sort), provided arrays arrays are not too large.


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    I have bubble sorted my array and realised I have duplicates to remove which I have kind of done by using a second array.

    However, I would like to use the same array but I end up with ‘n/a’ displaying (after drawtext) where the duplicates have been removed.

    Could someone please help? Been going round in circles!

    Thanks, Rob



    It’s because I and J retain different values.

    It may happen that in line 7 $temp[i] has not yet been created,



    Thanks Roberto.

    Is it possible to just use the same array, I would like to try example 2 of this pseudo code but have struggled to translate it in ProBuilder?


    Thanks again.




    This is the Bubble Sort snippet:

    This an indicator (example) to be added ON the price chart:

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    Thank you.


    Sorry, I just realized there’s an error in my pic and in the example (it’s an error concerning display only, the sorting code is correct). This is correct:

    the error was in DRAWTEXT. The second block prints the correct (sorted) data, but the wrong labels (as they shall NOT sorted, as they follow the sorted data).


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    Thanks, is it possible to remove duplicates after the array/s have been sorted?

    I’m guessing the non duplicates may need to go into a new array or can we reset the original array and then copy the non dupliate values in? This is the bit I’m struggling with. I thought I was there earlier and then tried it on some different values and my code clearly doesn’t work.

    Thanks again. Rob


    This version removes duplicates (I created two new, separate, arrays):

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    Thanks so much Roberto!

    I’ve just wasted the morning doing it old school without arrays and then I see this!

    Hopefully it will get added to the code snippet spreadsheet so others can benefit.

    Really appreciate this a lot.

    Thank you.



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    Link to code above added as Log 313 here …

    Snippet Link Library

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