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    Hi there,

    just a quick one, and I’m sure that it has a quick answer.

    A quick and simple code, essentially giving an insight into monthly seasonality in a sense.

    On monthly bars, I run the following code – and in this instance, I wanted to test for April month historical performance:

    What I’m seeing though, if I run the code, a position isn’t opened for this current month of April.

    I can understand that the profit/loss wouldn’t show up yet, because the trade is not closed at the start of the new month of May – that’s fine/obvious – but it is showing that the trade isn’t even opening at all at the start of April??

    Along the same lines, if I change the above code so that month=3 and I open at the start of March, then it looks like the start of April isn’t even registering to close the trade?? A picture of this is attached too.

    The pictures attached are DAX. Have tried on heaps of indexes and some forex, and seems to have the same problem?

    Not that I’d trade a CFD on a monthly basis, but I just want to know what is going on.



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    It’s because the OnMarket status is updated when the candle closes. On or after May 1st 2021 you will see the arrow under April 2021.

    Try this version on the Daily TF, always setting the current day (candle being formed) as the trading day and you will see  everything is fine for the previous periods, not the current one (which will be updated tomorrow):


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    Hi Roberto,  thanks, will try.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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