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    I did go back and read through your complete neural network thread during the weekend and considered using what you have coded to see what results could be achieved but I managed to complete my own code and get it working and so I am sticking with that at the moment. Unfortunately I coded the whole thing to trade both long and short and to simulate one set of values for both long and short combined. I am now realising that it might work better with separate long and short strategies so I am now having to delete half the code twice to achieve these two new strategies and then do it all again as I have two versions of the self optimizing strategy – the all time profit version and the look back period profit version! I think it could be a very boring day!


    5 times!!! only 5 times!!!! with a Loop of for i=1 to 6… i get the Infinitive Loop issue…. What I have done… is to make 5 per bar… the next bar makes another 5 Loops and so on…. … i am feeling very frustrated with ProRealCode lately.

    I feel your pain.

    Today I lost several hours of my few that I have left on this rapidly revolving globe to deleting 1600 lines of code to convert a strategy to be a long only strategy. I have three more strategies to convert and I think I won’t make it to the end before suicidal thoughts take hold. After losing a small part of my life to modifying just one code I tested it and it didn’t look good – it was not a step forward unless confirming that I am wasting my time is a step forward. If I had had a PRT loop that worked and could handle some serious repetition then the code would have taken ten minutes to adapt and I would not now have several more grey hairs on my head.

    Powerful loops and arrays would make PRT code a very powerful way to develop strategies. I recall that my Commodore64 had arrays so how have I taken a step backwards 35 years later!?


    You and me know what is happening…

    …fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering

    Feel the power of Python side…



Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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