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    whats a more reasonable trailing stop, take profit margin to assist it?

    Try using the Optimiser to determine above.

    Have you watched Nicolas videos?

    By Optimiser are you refering to the back testing?

    Where would i find the videos, can u link them please?


    If i have what part set at 10? the TS or something else?

    See red squiggly line on attached

    i had it set at zero, i have now moved it to 2, now everything is giving bad results.


    Where would i find the videos, can u link them please?

    See attached


    See attached

    LOL thanks mate, i was so focused on looking though the forums for them, i never even noticed that up there.


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    Maybe you’ve not seen below either and more (e.g. Optimiser usage etc ) on the PRT website?

    EDIT / PS

    Optimiser is on page 30 of the 1st link above.


    How come every time i load Pro Charts, my trade strategy changes from that session dont get saved.

    I cant see a save button when u open the trading system menu from the charts, yet i have 3 saved from the 1st time i used it, but nothing saves since? weird


    Strategies have a tendency to not be saved. Reccomend u start manually saving them to ur computer every time u think i have a good strategy.

    Also when quitting its asking if u wanna save, if u have long sessions i would reccomend quitting and saving, then opening PRT again (after a few hours things usually starts to get slow, at least for me, then i restart PRT). This has helped me save alot of good strategies.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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