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    I would be interested. 😉

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    Hello I have a question please with Google translation sorry if there are errors. The strategy if I understood correctly I must put it with the spot gold (1st) in 5 min? I have a problem when I wanted to launch I have a message that I have to place a mandatory stop loss and suddenly prorealtime modifies the code how much do I set it to keep the effectiveness of the strategy? thank you

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    Hi Ali78, yes the strategy runs on Gold 1 euro on 5mins. I suspect your account type is Limited Risk type and need to be changed to a Standard account. I have replied to your email in French explaining how to do this.

    With regards to the FX version, I am working hard on it and planning the release for Sunday or Latest Monday. Regards

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    I am very excited to announce that I have finalized the FX version of the strategy and submitted it to the PRC Markeplace for review. I trust it should be approved and listed in my store by tomorrow. Attached is the bscktest results as configured for the GBPUSD 5min marketwith a spread of 1 and starting capital of 2000 euros.

    As an unexpected bonus to all of this, during development and testing of the FX version I identified opportunities that I subsequently also wanted to test on the existing Gold version. And I am actually very pleased with the improvements it intrduced in terms of profitability and drawdown. What this means is that I will not only be launching the FX version but also an improved version for Gold as soon as the FX version is live.

    I will then use this ‘update’ opportunity to send out the special discount coupon to all existing clients via the release notes. The coupon code will be for a 99% discount on the already discounted launch price of 299 euros (so cost would only be like 4 euros). I only recently found out that a 100% discount is not supported on the marketplace.

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    Good Day Everyone

    Just an update: the FX Strategy is still pending review. I will follow-up with Nicolas later today to try and find out when it might become available.

    As soon as the product is available I will create the discount coupon and release it via the update for the Gold strategy.

    Thank you for everyone’s patience.

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    Hello, for information Nicolas is on holidays this week.

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    Thank you for letting us know. For those who might not know, Nicolas is the webmaster and person approving all submisions to the PRC marketplace. This means we will have to wait until he is back from holiday. In the meantime I will continue working on testing optimal settings for additional FX pairs. These settings will be available in a public file accesible by all customers of the FX version.

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    I don’t want to seem rude. But I bought a gold strategy. With the knowledge of a strategy based on “true”, aware of gold, as the margin on gold is quite low. An FX strategy based on the original strategy ties up much more capital. Without knowing that this will work better in the future than the original gold strategy. Don’t be mad at me, but you’re showing a backtest here. nothing else.


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    Hi Phoentzs, the Forex version of the strategy is optional and only intended as complimentary to the Gold version seeing there will be times (such as now) where we see extended periods of low trading activity and/or drawdown. The FX version is an attempt to diversify and possibly ‘hedge’ against this.

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    Good Day Everyone

    Apologies for the few updates this month but I have been rather busy working with clients for my business

    Attached is the live results for the latest version of the Gold Strategy (there is unfortunately still not much activity but atleast we are positive)

    Also attached is the backtest and very pleasing live results for the new bundled FX version which I am running on GBPUSD.

    I have been in close contact with @Nicolas this month to find the best way to offer all existing clients of the Gold strategy free access to the new FX version which starting from next month comes bundled with the Gold strategy. Nicolas has informed me that he is currently working on a solution so I will let everyone know as soon we have a answer. In the meantime I have also updated the Master itf of the Gold version to the latest version mentioned in an earlier post.

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    Hi Juan

    Thank you for the results of your back test using the latest version of the strategy. There are multiple configurations which can now be changed with the latest version. Please can you supply a screen shot of the configurations you are currently using with your live version which your back test results are based on in the format as supplied in my attached screen shot.



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