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    I’m having a real issue with Market Replay. I can’t seem to get the stops and limits working. It only offers me stops and doesn’t use the auto qty.

    I’ve recorded a session to highlight the issue – it can be seen at

    I’ve tried re-installing and re-starting several times and this has not fixed the issue.






    I can raise Buy & Sell Limit & Stops on Demo Account.

    ‘Force Open’ is disabled as the Limits & Stops end up linked as soon as a position is opened.

    Market Replay did not seem (I didn’t persevere) to be working on my Live Account today, although it was working several days ago.

    Hope above and attached helps?


    Hi, a build is currently being deployed to improve Market Replay trading. It’s highly likely that this issue will be resolved after the IG production release. I’ll let you know when it’s deployed at IG. (Probably next week).


    Thanks for your reply – look forward to the update!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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