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    Dear All,

    I just notice the paper “Number-Based Sentiment Indicators” on the last issue of ITFA (Metastock). In particular the authors discuss:

    • 3 ATR trailing stops (short /mid / long term)
    •  a sentiment indicator
    • a Short-term/Mid-term/Long-term Cycle indicator

    I would be interested in seeing the Prorealtime code since I am really not familiar with Metastock lenguage, particularly for the ATR trailing stops and the sentiment indicator.

    Can you help me on this topic? I attached two file word containing the code of each indicator plus screenshots taken from the paper.

    Thank you very much! And thank you also from the previous conversion I asked!




    1. Trailing-Stop-Short-term_Mid-term_Long-term-.docx
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    Added to my conversion list. Will try to do it before holidays, but not sure.. Thanks for being patient.

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    Thanks Nicolas! There’s no hurry obviously!

    I take the opportunity to express my congratulation for the wonderful work you do on this forum!



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    Dear All,

    did you have any chance to have a look to this request?



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    Here is the first one, similar to a supertrend somehow, add it 3 times with different Length: Short-term: 1.5 / Mid-term: 3.0 / Long-term: 4.5


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    Thank you for the prompt reply!

    Let me know what you think of the other two. Are they complicated?



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    As far as I understand those other indicators are comparison between the 3 trailing stop, first there is difference one and the other one is normalized value of the current indicator compared to a lookback period (similar of stochastic).

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    Yes, that’s correct but unfortunately I don’t know metatrader coding and I can’t really understand the details.

    If you think it makes sense, I would be interesting in having a .itf code at least for the sentiment indicator…

    If you don’t think it’s worth it please redirect me to the conversion service with a fee.

    Thanks a lot for your help and availability




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    Hi All,

    I would be interested in a Prorealtime code for the sentiment indicator as well…  Do you think it would be possible to translate it?

    I would be gratefull to anyone who would like to work on this

    Thanks a lot


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    Private paid programming services is available here:

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I tried to submit it through the link you shared but when I click on “send” nothing happen.

    Can I submit my request in another way (i.e. e-mail address)?





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    Hi All,

    I got a Tradingview script for the above mentioned TradingCycle indicator. However I obtained different values compared to the prt code reported above.

    Could anybody provide me a prt code corresponding to Tradingview code I attached here as .doc file?





    1. TrailingStop-Cycles.docx
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    Hi, I think that the below code should work the same, I stumble upon a small error:


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    Thanks Nicolas for your super fast reply!!!

    Have a nice day!




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