How simulate a turbo/mini future backtest ?

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    I wonder if it’s possible to simulate a “turbo strategy/mini future” like a x5 lever on an underlying stock like Tesla?

    Meaning when Tesla moves 1% in my backtesting then the equity moves 5% and so on ? And also considering the knout levels, like if Tesla moves 10% in the wrong direction the whole trade is lost.




    Are you asking for some kind soul to code above?


    If your backtesting on the same instrument that you will later run the code on, the same levrige shuld already be acounted for.

    If not, then your results will be waaaay off anyway and the backtest pritty useless.

    If i remember rigth, knockout levels on futures change based on the prising off the instrument, so unless you use some generall rule to put the stopploss at that same level.


    Hoi George,

    May I ask what you want to achieve with that?


    Hi all

    I already have a strategy for back testing Tesla, but now I want to know if it’s also a good strategy for turbos or mini futures.

    That’s why I’m asking if anybody knows if it’s possible somehow to simulate turbos/mini futures in PRT.



    I assume you are talking AutoTrading?

    So what would you eventually be trading re turbo / mini-futures?

    If the Turbo / Mini Future nstrument is not actually available via IG or IB NOW … then what is the point in trying to simulate same NOW … as when you want to trade proper (not simulated) then the Instruement isn’t / won’t be available anyway for you to trade??

    Just a few thoughts; maybe I will learn something from my own questions?S

    I was right, I have learned something … just found this! 🙂,the%20market%20turns%20against%20you.

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