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    Ive written a program but when i try to backtest it i get a message “syntax error line 35 character 1 please complete the syntax of this line ” but there’s nothing in line 35. what should I type there ?? The last line is the stoploss value. Please advise


    Place your cursor after the last character of your strategy, then keep the DEL key pressed for a while, just in case there’s some garbage you can’t see!

    Another way is to copy the whole strategy, from the first character to the last one, then cancel the strategy, then again paste it in a new strategy.

    I don’t know if either works but it’s worth trying!



    Thanks Roberto.
    I’ve done that but it still comes back with the same thing and there’s nothing on the line.
    The previous line was the stoploss which was accepted by the syntax indicator on the left.
    What is the last thing you guys write into your programs ??
    As you can guess I am a complete newcomer to programming, I find it very interesting but
    I just don’t understand this last bit. Also what are BBCodes ??

    Regards Paul


    Usually this is because you are short of an ENDIF somewhere.


    You should easily spot a missing ENDIF because your last lines should be indented, if this is the case.


    Thanks Roberto and Vonasi that’s what I have done, so now it backtests but the result is nil over a year so it looks like I’ve screwed up somewhere. Wow, this is quite a learning curve. This is my first attempt (fail) can you see what’s wrong with it please

    DEFPARAM CumulateOrders = False
    DEFPARAM FlatBefore = 065000
    DEFPARAM FlatAfter= 160000
    // Conditions to enter long positions
    if sto=20 then
    if a then

    // Conditions to exit long positions
    if close CROSSES UNDER ema then

    // Conditions to enter short positions
    if sto=80 then
    if a>average[10](close) then

    // Conditions to exit short positions
    if a>average[10](close) then
    if sto=20 then


    Your “if sto=20” and “if sto=80” will almost never happen, most of the time it will cross over or under those levels without ever being exactly equal to 20 or 80, so what’s inside your if statement wouldn’t be visited.

    >> For clarity of messages on ProRealCode’s forums, please use the “<>” (insert PRT code) button in the message editor toolbar to separate the text of the code part! Thank you! <<


    Thank you Nooywan, I have changed the symbol but it now seems to backtest but there is no result, only a flat line, and that’s over a year so I must still be doing something dire.
    Is there a strict protocol for constructing a procedure ?
    This PRT code doesnt seem to copy/paste too accurately, i will repeat in normal code if you wish.


    I tested it on Dax and EurUsd 1,2,5,10,15,30 minutes,1,2,4 hours and it works. It is a losing strategy, but it works!


    I have to modify it but ATT i’m having problems with the backtest. First it displayed just a flat line, but now every time I click on a share it goes through the backtest routine and has changed the graph from candlestick to line chart. It does this with every chart. How do I get it back to candlestick display and turn off this backtest routine. It must be here somewhere but I can’t find it.


    When writing code , does it have to be presented in a certain sequence, could you please check this piece of a simple program and tell me what is wrong with it ?

    I ran it against todays(13th) GBPCAD using 1000 units and 2 min timeframe.
    Visibly I see strikes at 1138, out at 1156
    1258, out at 1316, 1350 (loss), 1557 out at 1612, 1821 out at 1850
    The backtest showed 1 strike which was not correct so am I writing the code in the wrong order? Please advise.


    try this ,  i assume the second buy is a short given the parameters 


    You should simply use

    and you will discover that, today, sto is never <=20 so the outer block (and inner ones as well, of course) IF…ENDIF is never true.


    Stops too tight and if thats a mean reverting strat id have shorts and longs same position size as well   

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