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    Good morning,

    This is a simple rookie question!

    For example, say I wish to draw a line on a chart – I select say a horizontal line draw it on the chart I then wish to draw another horizontal line I have to reselect the horizontal line from the tool bar to draw the second line and subsequent lines. On my demo account once I select the horizontal line it will allow me to carry on drawing lines repeatedly until I change tools or escape which I really like. On my live account it will not repeat, this happens with any line either standard or created lines I have created any ideas please?

    I have been using PRT for over a year and love it, I have compared live with demo and cannot see any differences obviously there is, and I just cannot see it! I have solved many niggles by searching online but this one however simple has beat me.

    Comments appreciated


    Hello Decca05 this has to do with whether or not you have activated the “Cursor mode after each drawing” feature in your settings: go to Settings > Workspaces > Toolbars > Tools > Settings and check the first check box called “Cursor mode after each drawing” to add it to your toolbars. Then activate/deactivate that feature depending on how you prefer working.


    Hi Rafael1N

    Thank you so much, you have fixed it!

    I have been trying for ages to fix it, really appreciate your help.

    Have a good weekend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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