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    Hi all,

    after a lot of time studying the stock market and charting on my own, I’m wondering if there were any degrees I could get to have a little bit of a different idea from my studies in my cave, the idea is not to have diplomas to flatter oneself because I have nothing to prove, but perhaps to discover things that I could not see and also to have a framework and to meet perhaps passionate people like me (in any case I hope)

    I have heard of a CFTE diploma or certification, If anyone has this degree or certification and could give us some feedbackrs pls

    Best Reguards,

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    No graduates here ?, or is there really no point in having diplomas and certificates?

    What is the typical program to follow to be a trader ?

    Best Reguards

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    Education in this sense only exists in the form of seminars for all sorts of people. Whereby it has to be said… many will also tell you something about the stork, so there is also a lot of money-making going on. As a tip from my experience, I can say, leave the small time units for the beginning and concentrate on larger ones, D1, H4. To understand how the market works at all. Simple example, just try it: Take an index(DAX, CAC40, Nasdaq, SP500) in the H4 chart. Add the averages SMA6 and SMA30 and then think about what happens when exactly.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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