Difference in behaviour of DHigh & DLow in PRT 10.1 & PRT 10.3

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    I’ve been using ProRealTime 10.1 because some of my own simple indicators didn’t work correctly in newer
    versions of ProRealTime.

    Now that IG Index are ending support for PRT 10.1 on Feb 10th I’ve switched to PRT 10.3 and I’m trying
    to fix the problems with my indicators. While doing this I’ve noticed that the behaviour of DHigh & DLow is
    different between versions 10.1 & 10.3

    I’ll describe the difference for DHigh but the issue also applies to DLow.


    Behaviour of DHigh in ProRealTime 10.1

    In PRT 10.1 DHigh always uses the absolute high of the day, regardless of which intraday bar the calculation
    is being performed on (If the day hasn’t ended it uses the highest price reached so far).

    e.g. If the high of the day is 120, comparing any intraday bar against DHigh would always compare against 120


    Behaviour of DHigh in ProRealTime 10.3

    In PRT 10.3 DHigh only uses data up to the point in time of the interday bar that the calculation is being
    performed on.

    e.g. For the third bar of the day, DHigh only returns the highest price reached during the first three bars
    of the day, even though a full day’s data may be available.

    The image below shows the different values that PRT 10.1 & PRT 10.3 would use as DHigh at different points
    in the day, when used in calculations on intraday bars.


    This example shows the different results when using exactly the same indicator in both PRT 10.1 & 10.3


    I don’t know which implementation is considered correct, but the way PRT 10.1 always uses the absolute high
    of the whole day makes it easier to write indicators that compare intraday bars against the daily high. I
    have been struggling to update my indicators that worked in PRT 10.1 to work in PRT 10.3

    If the behaviour of DHigh as implemented in PRT 10.3 is considered correct, it would be very useful to have a
    new constant that behaves the way that DHigh did in PRT 10.1, perhaps WDHigh (WholeDayHigh).

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    PRT 10.1 behavior would mean that you already know the future. Even if you think it useful in your own indicator, I don’t think that this newly (and correct) way of return DHigh/DLow value in real time should be replaced by the old one.

    You can ask PRT through their website to add new instruction, maybe they should consider it if many people ask the same.


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    If you are desperate to have something similar to the 10.1 image then you could code two indicators. The first would recognise when a day starts and store the barindex and then when the day ends it would draw a segment at the days high and the days low. The second indicator would be as per the one that I coded in the other thread that just calculates on the last bar and draws two lines across the whole chart at the current days high and low. This way you would have your historical days highs and lows shown and lines for today’s current high and low.

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    Hi Nicolas,

    Do you know if anybody from IT Finance actively monitors the “Centralization of queries and suggestions on





    The image above was just a simple example to illustrate the difference between PRT 10.1 and 10.3, not an
    actual indicator that I Use. You can replicate the image using the Price Line indicator.



    Thanks to your help and the information in these forums I’ve managed to fix all of my indicators. I’ve
    added the code that I ended up using to highlight the highs and lows in the other post.

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    A lot of the new features of the upcoming version 11 are directly coming from the PRT customers suggestions. Believe me when I say there is a major gap between v10.3 and v11. I have the opportunity to test it and I’m amazed of the changes made so far (as an early beta version). Of course, as a programmer, I’d like to see more new things for the programming language though.. 🙂

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    That sounds great Nicolas. I’m looking forward to trying the new features.

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