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    Hi, first foray into this forum, so please forgive if a naive question! just wondered if anyone else has come across delays in proreal orders – especially in volatile times. Understandable that it happens but its a frustration that if the price moves the wrong way in between the close and the lagged trade, I cant find a way to protect myself. Anyone manage to resolve this? I can see a limit order would protect against lag related movement in one direction but how can it prevent/quit out early if the direction moves the other; i.e. say for example

    1. close at 100p
    2. code instructs buy (ideally buying between range 100-104 say), however in the 30 seconds lag the market has moved 10 points down voiding bullish reason for buying (even if at a cheaper price)
    3. if that is the case sell I’d like to sell as soon as possible in the next line of code – if its possible!

    Many thanks for any ideas!

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    You can use MTF, Multi or Multiple Time Frame, support.

    You may search the forum to find articles, code snippets and examples that will help you understand what’s it all about.

    Essentially it allows you to use more than one TF in your strategy so that you can easily use your desired TF as a setup and entry reference, while using other lower TF’s to manage the position, such as trailing stop loss and closing the position.

    You can set the Daily TF to enter a trade and use also a 1-second TF to monitor what the market is doing.

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    From my observations lately, it seems that most moves up or down of > 5 to 6 points are immediately followed by a retrace and then a maybe a continuation on up or down.

    So 10 points move up may then have a 6 or 7 point retrace and then maybe continue on up.

    I guess the professionals must have tons of bots programmed to do as I describe above?

    So you would need to allow for this retrace else you would be whipsawing in and put of trades and making your broker rich! 🙂


    Best moves are an explosive breakout as then the retrace may not start for 30 to 60 points.

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    Thanks robertogozzi and GraHal, I must’ve spend days trying to solve this …MTF has nailed it! And yes the strategy I’m using is pretty impatient on the breakout – wise words on the retrace, I’m definitely on the slow bot boat and a retrace would make it less time sensitive. Great advice. Problem solved. Thank you both 🙂

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