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    Is it possible to arrange the values of different events in aan arrow of time?

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    Yes it can.

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    Is your screenshot above using the PRT Platform ONLY?

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    What Version PRT Platform are you using to provide the information you show in your screenshot above, for example the Dyn Close Line?

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    I use PRT V11.


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    The JK indicator gives signals down and up. (red and blue)

    How can you program and record the last ten times of these signals in PRT language.

    Oldest = e.g. T1 then T2…… T10 in the attached example 8 signals down and 2 signals up.

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    To record the last N signals you need to use an N-element array for each datum you are interested in.

    If you want to save the BarIndex of the signal you may use $SignalBAR[N].

    If you also need to save the type (Long, Short), then you may also use $SignalTYPE[N], and so on…

    I recommend that you initialize to 0 all N elements on barindex 0, the very first bar.
    Whenever s new signal is returned, shift all elements from 1 to N-1 one place, then store the new signal as element 1 (your former element 10 will be dropped).

    You will always have the last N signals in the correct order.

    Any N-element stored with 0 is a void signal, not yet filled.

    Since the first element in the array is element 0, which may slightly complicate maths on element indexing, I recommend initializing N+1 elements (elements 0 to 10 for 10 elements, instead of 0-9, then using only elements 1 to 10).


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