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    Is it possible to arrange the values of different events in aan arrow of time?


    Yes it can.


    Is your screenshot above using the PRT Platform ONLY?




    What Version PRT Platform are you using to provide the information you show in your screenshot above, for example the Dyn Close Line?


    I use PRT V11.


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    The JK indicator gives signals down and up. (red and blue)

    How can you program and record the last ten times of these signals in PRT language.

    Oldest = e.g. T1 then T2…… T10 in the attached example 8 signals down and 2 signals up.


    To record the last N signals you need to use an N-element array for each datum you are interested in.

    If you want to save the BarIndex of the signal you may use $SignalBAR[N].

    If you also need to save the type (Long, Short), then you may also use $SignalTYPE[N], and so on…

    I recommend that you initialize to 0 all N elements on barindex 0, the very first bar.
    Whenever s new signal is returned, shift all elements from 1 to N-1 one place, then store the new signal as element 1 (your former element 10 will be dropped).

    You will always have the last N signals in the correct order.

    Any N-element stored with 0 is a void signal, not yet filled.

    Since the first element in the array is element 0, which may slightly complicate maths on element indexing, I recommend initializing N+1 elements (elements 0 to 10 for 10 elements, instead of 0-9, then using only elements 1 to 10).


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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