Can we have the unit price for each order ?

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    Hello Community !

    I have a question regarding multiple orders on the same security.
    Let say for the company A, I bought 20 shares @$10 then the price dropped I bought again 5 shares @$5. For now I have 25 shares @225. 

    For now the unit cost of my 25 shares is @$9. The problem with this is that if the price rose again and the stock is @$7 and I want to sell my 5 shares bought @$5 I will be losing $2 per share, since they only consider the mean unit cost (7 – 9 = -$2).
    Can’t we have the possibility to sell shares from each order separately? Selling my $5 shares at $7 and having a gain instead of a loss.

    Thank you.

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