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    I found this strategy via below link and use my limited knowledge translate to PRT robot, please kindly try, comment and feel free modify to fit for your need.


    1. Big3-Strategy-V2.0.itf
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    interesting strategy but seems pretty flat the last months? Hows your trading been with this? running in demo/live?


    No, I don’t trade with this robot.


    Aw okay, well, it seems pretty flat for now. But it has been relatively stable up until this point, so might as well add to demo and see where it goes 🙂


    Thank you Bin, nice one. In order to get the complete view of it, what are the variables optimized? Did you try WFA on any other instrument?

    This one could probably be a part of the library, can I post it there for you?


    Mainly on CP and test with DAX, I try HS but no good result.

    It’s my pleasure to post at library. THX.


    Thank you Bin for the strategy. I like the neat and modular approach to your coding and hope you don’t mind me cutting and pasting so that I may use some of it in future ideas of my own!

    As for being flat for the last few months…. it is a trend following strategy and markets haven’t really known which way to go recently with all the political turmoil so it is not really surprising to me that a trend reliant strategy has gone a bit flat.

    Great work – thanks.


    Hi Nicolas

    Please kindly post this latest version to library with detailed remark which variables were optimized and their unit. THX.



    1. Big3-V2.8-DAX.itf

    I downloaded the itf of v2 and notice that tick by tick data is not selected. Results are terrible once tick by tick data is used!


    Hi Vonasi

    Tick by tick back test screen shot attached. I don’t suggest play this robot with real money, just for study purpose. THX.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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