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    Hi Guys

    I am a big fan of automatic algo “bots” and I already have some running for a few months on my IG account…

    My goal is to own a bundle of 15 to 25 performance bots and let them take care of a part of my savings. I want some diversity and trade different assets to balance the risk.

    To archive that I already pre-selected around 25 bots out of more than 100… I was looking at backtests performance, code, type, safety, risk management and behavior…

    These 25 bots are now running for a week on my IG account for a live pre-test… I may remove or add other bots during this process… All the bots surviving this preselection will then run a 3-month live bots’ challenge.

    I would like to start this challenge on the second week of January 2022

    I have already spent hours and days doing the preselection of the bots (and money) and I am happy to share some weekly results here.

    Let me know if you are interested… I am preparing the results of Week 1 now.


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    Here is more information about this operation:


    Total of 25 bots so far…



    Forex               6                                 DOW               2

    Nasdaq           5                                  Stocks             2

    Dax 40             4                                 Gold                1

    US 500            3                                 OIL                  0

    Cac 40             2


    Time Frame:

    M5                  12                               H1                   2                                 D1                   3

    M15                7                                 H4                   1


    I try to run them as fairly as possible, and I have adjusted the size of each position to have the same amount of money engaged for each bot.


    When available I have selected options for Money Management, break-even, Stop loss, and a maximum risk of 3%.


    I own some bots, others are on a monthly plan or on trial.



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    Interesting I’m curious to see the results and the bots

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    Here are the results of the first week

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    Please find enclosed the results of week 2… It has been a very difficult week for most of the Bots due to market hesitation and volatility.

    Despite a massive loss, I am quite happy to see that some bots did very good on these difficult time… unfortunately not all of them.

    Let’s see how this week will go…


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    I am curious what is your initial funds for 33 algo?

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    Each contract size is calculated for a max of 2,000€ of capital per Bot.

    Most bots are short-term holders (day or swing trading). I think that a maximum of 75% of bots can be trading at the same time.

    For 40 Bots it gives me 30*2,000=60,000€ of total capital.

    For the moment I have seen a max of 14 bots at the same time. To stay safe I will cut some trade if it goes above 20.


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    Sorry Guys… I was quite busy at work…

    Here are the results of a very nice week 3…


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    Good Work!!  You’re flying high!! 🙂

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    Good Morning

    Another difficult week… incertitude, market reversal, and volatility. I knew it will be difficult with all the announcements scheduled…

    The good thing is to be able to see how the algos are behaving during the tough times… costly but much better than a steady uptrend market.

    I hope that the seasonality of the end of the year will help for this fifth and last week of trial…

    Enclosed is the result of the week.




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    The last week of the trial is gone… I have to wait for all the ongoing positions to close.

    Here are the results of week 5 and the total results of the 5 weeks.

    Luckily the last week make it profitable and the selection of the best bots week after week helps a bit.

    I wanted to reveal the name of the best bots but as most bots didn’t run the full 5 weeks it is very difficult to have a fair winner.


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