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    This is probably a stupid question, but i cant find the answer elsewhere.

    Im using the FREE version of PRT and the data that comes along with that version. When comparing with, the data differs on some stocks. Here is an example:

    The stock is Atrium Ljungberg on the swedish OMX. Look at July 19th.

    Screenshot from PRT attached.

    What am i missing here?



    Check the dividend adjustement in your PRT settings and if week-end data are displayed or not.


    Unchecked dividend adjustment. Week-end data is not available for CBOE(CH/DK/FI/NO/SE).

    Still the same problem :/

    Thank you for trying to help


    COBE is an ECN (Bats,Chi-x). This means that they report trades just executed by them . Tradingview data is from the exchange (Nasdaq/OMX –total price and volume).

    In this case look at Tradingview. I wish that PRT expanded their data like Tradingview both EOD and realtime.



    I’m not sure why there is such difference. In this case, you should send a technical report via the platform tool. Let us know about the answer here, thanks in advance.


    Above I explained explicit why there is a difference. Tradingview har exchange data , Prorealtime has just COBE (one ECN among several others).

    Exchange data is complete data. COBE data is just executions done via them, so Prorealtime  EOD COBE and intraday-COBE is missing a lot of traders which has

    been done outside that ECN. Prorealtime should offer more exchange data( this is standard on other programs)


    I’m having a similar problem. Data from indices does not match actual market data. For example, daily opening and closing data on from the following sources for the NIKKEI on 23 July, 2019 is not the same (it’s every date not just that one). In some cases the gas are quite large. Anyone any ideas why?


    Open: 21425

    Close: 21620


    Open: 21422

    Close: 21697

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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