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    Hi all,

    Just as you all know I formally requested Prorealtime to add:

    The ability to set a duration time and or an expire time to  “individual” or “all” manually opened deals.

    This feature is designed to help you locking profits and protect your capital resolving the common money management issue of leaving the losing trades run too long causing substantial losses.

    You can decide at the manual opening of each deal (or to apply same duration/expire to all deals):

    • How long the deal will stay open (seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc) before being closed automatically for you.
    • Set a specific exit time it will be closed automatically for you.


    It is intended to be used by itself with no stop loss or in combination with stop losses.

    Please reply and vote if you would like also to have this feature added.


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    Topic moved from ProOrder, as it does not concern automatic trading.


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    I think this could be seen also as part of an automatic trading system because the positions would be closed infact “automatically” when a certain condition is met.

    Simply the code should make this feature available also on orders that are opened manually and not only those part of an auto trade system.


    Anyway as long people and prorealtime team see and can consider to add this feature I am happy. The goal is to make this proposal visible so it gets implemented.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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