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    Algo interference

    I bought on the market place (from different sellers) two algos that work on the DAX Can I run them on the same IG account using capital from that account without the algos interfering with each other? Knowing that these algos make 6-7 trades per month over a period of 5 hours on average, I want to use all the capital of the account for each algo and hope that the trades will not all be done on the same day (if the entry strategies are different), and therefore double the trades on this capital in the best case. Another option: allocate half of the capital to each algo and/or to a separate account. a priori less profitable. FYI I no longer have a limited risk IG account, I contacted them and they switched me to a “normal” account.

    Optimization of schedules

    I would also like to use my capital in the Euro, US, Asia, etc. zones at the same time. The DAX and CAC algos often (but not always) closing at the end of the European day, I could use a Nasdaq or dow algo for US times, then use a Nikkei algo for example for Asian times. By using algos with average durations of a few hours. Thus my capital would be used several times in the same day, with also a certain diversification. Do you see a problem with that? What would be the right capital utilization strategy with multiple algos / multiple zones? Thanks for your feedback. JP

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    Hi Cassoulet,

    No problem that someone like me can see. It is only that your ideas about risking all your money (or portfolio) would not be my idea about Autotrading. If you do it like that, you will lose all – you have my guarantee on that. 🙂

    Otherwise, might you run into too much for what tour portfolio can bear, then IG will automatically close positions for you (and at a for random moment in time, no matter your strategy of concern is in a loss or in profit).

    Again, for your other concerns … no problem. But please notice that acting on different currency markets, will imply conversion costs. Thus, buying Amazon in USD with euros, and IG will charge you for that. It may not be too much, but it deducts from the profit you had in mind. Also think of how the constructions of Long vs Short work and what you actually lend and what you may rent for. This is not always visible (or is vague to begin with) and your monthly statements may show surprises.
    You can change your portfolio to a currency of your choice, but now IG charges you for *that* and the rate is IMHO absurd.

    Be careful with putting all at stake with Algo’s you don’t know. The first to make real profit did not pass this forum, that I have seen. So it is normal that you lose. It is not normal that you win. Not at all.
    Good luck !

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    Do not double post. Ask your question only once and only in one forum. All double posts will be deleted anyway so posting the same question multiple times will just be wasting your own time and will not get you an answer any quicker. Double posting just creates confusion in the forums.

    Thank you 🙂

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    With a classic account (not limited risk), you can trade the 2 algos on the same instrument at the same time. The only thing you have to care about is the margin requirement if orders for both algos are launched together (at the same time or overlap).

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    Hello Peter,

    Thank you for your return, I’ll try to be wise 🙂


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    Hello Roberto,

    My mistake, the double post was due to a bad copy/paste with wrong font/caracters.

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    Hello  Nicolas,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I am currently watching how my 2 algos on DAX are running, each of them on a  different account.

    So far they don’t run at the same time. So I have a capital on one account that works only 10 days a months with one algo. The ideas is to have both algos running on the same account to optimize the capital. Of course there will be some days when they overlap (X%), so the trade will not be taken.

    But I believe that will be better than having a capital being used half of the time.



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    I have 20 Algos on the same Account all running on DJI … what do you see as preventing you doing this if you want to?

    Have you tried your 2 Algos both running on DAX on same Account … what goes wrong?

    Is your Account limited risk as Nicolas suggests.

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    Have you tried your 2 Algos both running on DAX on same Account … what goes wrong?

    Nothing. 🙂
    But maybe read into the topic a bit. Haha.


    you can trade the 2 algos on the same instrument at the same time.

    That would actually not be correct (maybe a misunderstanding or better : language issue). But since 2 is sufficient for Cassoulet, he can do that all right (I think Nicolas was bringing that message across).

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    Hi Nicolas,
    Kindly advise why when I do back-test optimization for NZDCHF or USDZAR pairs, base on M5 run at 200k units ,the max. time range only from 17/8/22 to 7/9/22(one month only)? It is there is some setting problem? For other pair like AUDUSD M5 and can opt. at least 2 years period duration. Hope you understand my question. Normally for backtest we need at least 1 years and above time duration will be much better right.
    Looking forward your reply soonest. Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Des. Lim.
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    Good morning, who can help for the above queries I asked? Why for some pairs the back test Optmz. duration period are so short? It is my setting problem or where can I set to extend the testing period? Thank you.




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    For  NZDCHF and USDZAR my backtest period goes back to 7 Apr 21 for 200k bars (same for 100k bars).

    So something seems wrong with your history.  I am with IG, are you?

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    Yes, I am with IG too. Just don’t know what happen to my history .Anyway thank for reply, but problem not solve yet, haha.

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    Next question has to be, as we get different results … are you and I both backtesting on the same contract??

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    Sorry i don’t understand what you mean by “are you and I both backtesting on the same contract??”, but I don’t think so. I just asking is there any problem on my PRT platform  setting? Thank you.

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