1/4 Hour Units of Time

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    Hi Guys,


    On the daily chart i can see the 25 to 1,500 units.

    On the 1 to 4 hours I can only see 400 units back in time.  Anyone else had this issue or know how to solve it ?



    Thank You


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    Close Platform and login again and then if the same Issue  … tell us which Market and I will try on my Platform for you.

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    Thank you for your reply. I have tried that several times. I am using PRT to trade currency pairs I am experiencing it on all pairs. V10.3 Broker IG.



    Thank You

    Robert Strong

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    You are selecting the Units as attached …Yes?

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    Yes sir!

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    On the 1 to 4 hours I can only see 400 units back in time.

    400 units isn’t even a selectable value so how are you getting 400 units?

    Please post a screen shot of what you have selected and what you are seeing.

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    Same chart all I changed was the 4 hour time increment to 1 day. Please let me know if anything else would help.

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    Might sound daft, but just click the little magnifier at the red arrowhead on attached and tell us if it makes any difference?

    On the face of it I can’t see why you are only seeing 400 units at 4 hour TF … apart from above?

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    Ooops forgot the screen shot

    Red arrowhead … bottom right hand corner

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    Dear Robert,

    In order to allow ProRealTime to analyze your platform, please send us a technical report following these instructions:

    • As soon as you encounter the issue, go to the “Help” menu on the ProRealTime toolbar.
    • Please assure that the window concerned by this issue is open.
    • Click on “Technical support”
    • Choose the category (e.g. “Data” for a spike)
    • Select the concerned window in the drop-down menu.
    • Giving as much detail as possible, explain the issue you are having in the text box.
    • Click “Send report”

    This will send us a report containing technical information concerning your platform, which will allow our technical team to run a diagnostic analysis of the issue you have come across.

    Thanks in advance,

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