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Thanks for sharing!

At first glance I thought it was over optimised but it’s a very impressive performance!

It needed a realistic stoploss. Testing shows 1 – 2% and I settled at 1.5% for 5 min TF

I disabled profit target but the change is little with or without.

Changed time, from 080000 to 180000 and set position size short 1 to match long 1.

Removed the barLong and barshort criteria to prevent zombie trades.

Adjusted the trailingstop reset criteria.

Changed the trailing stop and set long and short distance to same value 4.

The strange thing  is the atrtrailingperiod doesn’t matter if it’s 14 or 25. Gonna check that some more.

Didn’t change your values for entry criteria.

The best thing is the results are still being good when using a stoploss!

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