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Hi Balmoral,
I like the approach you have chosen. Just a quick question. With instruments where pipsize =1 the code works fine, but I think as soon as this is not the case, things might not go as intended. In the code sample below for example only the MMA 15 steps back is multiplied by pipsize. For EUR/USD the pipsize can be 0.0001 and will therefore result in an angle that is always close to 90° (given that MMA is not multiplied) hence a buy condition.
ADJASUROPPO = (MMAMMA[nbchandelierA]*pipsize) / nbChandelierA
If pipsize < 1 one might need to consider:
ADJASUROPPO = ((MMAMMA[nbchandelierA])/pipsize) / nbChandelierA
Maybe I am missing something in my observation, so please review and I love to hear your feedback.