Wave momentums

Wave momentums

Waves is to visualize the overall strength and direction of a given market across multiple time frames.

Waves measuring short term (wave A), medium term (wave B) and long term momentum (wave C).

The A wave can be used as a signal on crossings of the zero line. Wave C shows the longer term trend and is most important for direction.

Wave A code:

Wave B code:

Wave C code:


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  1. gatarayihajp • 176 days ago #

    Hi swingforfortune,
    Thanks a lot about your interesting posting. Let ask you to explain more about your indicator. It’s very useful and intersteing. Thank again

    • Swingforfortune • 176 days ago #

      Basically they are a twist of the MACD histogram and can be used as such. They visualizes momentum in different time frames. 
      You want the waves to all be positive or negative to be long or short. All above zero –> No shorts, buy dips.
      Is momentum rising or falling are there any divergences to the price? This is what I look for.
      Hope that helps.

  2. gatarayihajp • 176 days ago #

    Hi again
    Thanks for the explanation. Have a good day

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