Return value of the Repulse technical indicator (measure the buyers and sellers force for each candlestick) over the last N periods for selected price.


The Repulse indicator measures and displays the bullish or bearish pressure associated with each price candlestick in the form of a curve.

It is more relevant when compared to price and offers valuable additional information on the feeling and confidence that traders have about the markets.

Interpretation :

A good method of identifying trend using repulse consists of displaying, Repulse(1) (very short term), Repulse(5) (short term) and Repulse(15) (medium term) on the same chart.

On a 1-minute chart, for example, you will have a good sense of trend over the 1,5 and 15 periods.

Repulse gives excelent signals when it slows down in a 15-period view, changes direction in a 5-period view and has already changed direction for a few periods in a 1-period view while the price is approaching a level of support or resistance.

These signals become very strong when they join with divergences Cycle indicator and are accompanied by a significant increase in volume.

The success rate becomes very high if, in addition to these signals, prices beak a trend channel in the direction of the trend.

Repulses make it possible to increase significantly average profit per trade by optimizing exit points.




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