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    @ulrike: What is wrong with you? I reported a problem LONG LONG time ago. With long I mean several weeks! Today you send me the following reply:

    You state concerning your strategy: XXXXXXXX: At midnight the take profit limit orders disappears! Then there is for 1h no take profit order and at 1:00 PRT places my take profit order for the next day

    The stop order is cancelled and replaced every day as your strategy is based on daily time unit and because your code re-calculates the stop-level every day.

    The servers logs show that the first stop is cancelled and that the second stop is placed within the same second.

    The first sentence was from my report. This was not the first ticket I send regarding the problems but I thought this extra information would be useful for someone debugging the problem. Now several weeks later you send the answer above which was (sorry to say so) just blablabla, no relevant information. If the server log says that the order was replaced in the same second you have something to work with since the order was placed 1 hour later!

    This is exactly what I’m talking about. You answer a ticket more than a month after I send it and then your answer is of no use at all. Basically you say, everything was fine! So you doubt the report I send. And also this is painfully known. You blame my code, you even doubt that the problems exist that I report and when it becomes too obvious you simply turn silent. This is plain ridiculous!

    Also I send a ticket today and also posted here on the forum. Both my ticket and the post here in the forum remained unanswered although you obviously were online and answered other peoples questions.

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    Now I see the mail was strangely distorted. The last sentence from Ulrike´s mail to me was:

    The servers logs show that the first stop is cancelled and that the second stop is placed within the same second.

    After this sentence followed my comment.

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    I started being a moderator in this forum at the beginning of 2018; I also started to get more involved in the customer support provided directly by ProRealTime.  The goal of me doing this is to better organize the communication between our technical teams and our customers! And also to be able to help customer having a direct account with IG who do not benefit from a customized support by ProRealTime.

    Have I succeeded ?

    • Regarding platform support : We have a very good satisfaction level from clients asking for support concerning features provided by the platform.
    • Regarding AutoTrading support : Not yet, but it’s work in progress. We are working on improving our internal procedures, especially to solve the insufficient communication towards customers in case the issue escalates to our Level III support (this has been the case for most of your issues). I am convinced that we will achieve higher standards in the near future (but it can not be done overnight).

    You have expressed several times your griefs concerning the lack of information and delay in our answers. And I already acknowledged that I completely understand your frustration in another post. I am a link between our technical team and our customers. I need to wait for the results of the analysis in order to be able to communicate it as I am not doing the full analysis myself (not being an engineer).

    But personal attacks will not improve the given situation since I am present in this forum in order to help and not to engage in conflict with anybody.



    PS : please note that I will have to edit/moderate further messages if they contain personal attacks.

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    I never attacked anyone in this forum Ulrike. I was personally offended by a comment of Nicolas a few days ago. This made me also answer a little bit more direct. If you have a customer (me) that is treated in an unacceptable way you can’t expect only happiness and sunshine.

    Can’t you answer the simple question. You answered yesterday a ticket I send 9th february and in the answer (posted above) you basically say that the situation I see happening on my computer screen day and day out doesn’t even exist. My comment was exactly like you asked for in another post “constructive and cooperative”. So why do you give me such an answer?

    An acceptable answer (if it would have come 3-4 weeks ago) would have been: “Oh, this is really strange because our server logs say something different. There must something really wrong. I will come back to you in this matter after further investigation”

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