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    DMI indicator is used as the RSI indicator.

    Would be really great if it worked.


    1. chandes_dmi.mq5

    DMI (Directionnal Movement Index) is already a default indicator of the ProRealTime platform, are you sure this MT5 one is different?


    Yes I am sure. This DMI is different. I have both of them. There are several adjustment options.


    oh sorry, that’s the Dynamic Momentum Index, which is quite different of course. I’ll do the translation into ProBuilder’s code later today.


    I’m sorry but this code have multiple dimensional arrays, which are not possible to be converted into probuilder programming language. Apparently, the RSI used into this indicator is an RSX one, I’ll try to figure out how to reconstruct the indicator without the arrays limitations.


    then I wait a bit


    This is what I could made, I took the RSX code I have and use the same period as the ones from the original MT5 indicator. The results are not totally the same, but quite near I suppose ..



    Thanks for your work. Looks good. There are still missing settings.

    – close

    – open

    – high

    – low
    etc. all the inputs


    All the inputs are there … 9 of them. The names are the same in the code, you can compare.

    I just added the “Price to use” in this version:



    Thanks for your help. I have tried and can do something with it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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