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    I’m trying to run a system on BHP.

    System will not place a trades and stops.

    Fault is reported back as not enough bars to calculate on, and to try more bars, which I have done.

    Any ideas please Guys, Thanks




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    Have you tried 10,000 bars using below?

    If you have tried 10.000 bars (the maximum preload allowed, default is 1,000 bars) then you would need to redice the period of the Indicator(s) that are causing the error.

    What is the longest Indicator period that you are using in your code?

    Does your System work / run on, for example, DJI?

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    Hi GraHal,

    I will try Dji as a default, and let you know in a few days.

    Ultimately BHP would be ideal on Indices as the spread is very low here on the IG AU platform and has the smallest position sizes available to me!

    Iv tried 10,000 to 200 bars and it wont run, I’m thinking its not permissible to use that instrument.

    GraHal, do you use ProRealTime direct or IG? Most of the systems i design are no permissible on IG, Ha! and i can still can not access PRT direct here on AU.

    I’m not sure what you mean by the longest indicator, I’m trying to run it on 1min at the stage.



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    do you use ProRealTime direct or IG?


    Longest Indicator period … as in, for example,  Average[20,000]  … would not run as the maximum preload is 10,000 bars.

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    Ha! and i can still can not access PRT direct here on AU.

    You there down under !
    I think you can ask your PRT contact for the PRT-API. I know that is allowed for AU and it would give access to IB (Interactive Brokers).
    Downside (!) : this does not run server side. So you must have your PC running, and IB’s TWS (Trader WorkStation) must run too.

    If this is not what you were asking for anyway, I said nothing. 🙂

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    Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies, something there/ quite a lot for me to go on!

    Au is such an out case in the financial world of course! Make me very cross that for some reason us that bounce with long tails or solely eat gumtree leaves can not gain the much needed access which the country should be allowed in this world of working from home, lockdowns, hypocrisy of inclusiveness!

    I may venture into the world of IB again sometime, but was not easy to even login last time I dared!

    Once reason I took out a lifetime access to NjT, hoping its easier to use! Omg, to run that platform,  see you in ten years before you work out how to place your first trade!

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