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    Hi All

    New to this site but hoping someone will be able to answer a question. I use ProRealTime manually at the moment but am looking to code the strategy I have been using and run back testing to optimize it, however this involves ProRealTrend support and Resistance lines on charts and combined with other indicators,  I can not seam to fined the code or anything in the auto trading system to be able to trigger off the Support and Resistance lines that are put on charts by ProRealTrend. for example:- “code a sell order if bar crosses Major resistance line” or “code a buy order if the bar crosses the support line” as per attached screen shot.  if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great



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    Hi Richie

    I could be wrong/no doubt others will correct me if I am but unfortunately I don’t think it is possible to utilise the ProRealTrend lines in the code as I too am using these for trade entries and would like to get them into code but haven’t come across anyway of doing it

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    Thanks for the reply Max, been hunting but still cannot fine anything. Did wonder if there was any programmable indicator that also showed support and resistance levels that then could be included but not found any of them ether, so doing some research on how theses are calculated and may try writing one if I have no luck.

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    You also might think something useful here:


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    Thanks Guys

    I will check out the links




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