Supertrend on EMA

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    Dear All,

    I would like to request your help for the conversion of the attached pinescript code for a supertrend indicator based on an exponential moving average.

    You can follow the original script either here:

    or in the attached word file (where you can find also a picture of the aspect of the indicator).

    Many thanks in advance




    1. Supertrend-on-EMA.docx
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    Thanks for your prompt reply, however the script is not really working…

    Have you tried it?




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    It doesn’t work because it’s not written in the ProRealTime language.


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    Nothing too fancy,  a Supertrend calculated on EMA of X periods:


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    Hello Nicolas,

    it doesn’t work for me. I get an error on line 6 and 7. Could you correct the error for me?





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    “price” is reserved for STOP and TARGET pricing

    Change all “price” in xPrice.


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    thank you js!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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