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    Hi all,

    It seems that i had to restart most of my strategies this morning on the Demo Account. Last trades for most of them happened on October 27th 2017.

    The extension at the bottom is automatically pushed forward as long as we open the platform as far as I know.

    Platform settings/Automatic trading / Validity limit /has been set up to 20 days ahead.

    Same issue happened on the Real one…

    Q: Do we have to restart all Strategies once a week ? once a Month ? How do you do guys ?

    Thank you 😉




    As far as I know you also need to open up the pro order window and press extend. Just open the platform is not enough.

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    What Victor wrote above is true, you have to press extend.

    Then I want to add that (at least my experience) the demo account runs very unstable. I have a lot of errors and stopped strategies on my demo account with the same strategies running on my live account without problems. When I pointed out this to PRT they answered that they are aware of it but that they don’t have resources to maintain both the demo accounts and live accounts and therefore the priority is on the live accounts. This is a pity because one really would want the demo account behave like the live account but well that’s how it is.

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    Hi !

    I have the same problem. My live strategies on my live acount are extended and running in autotrading window but stops taking positions. This have happend on different strategies so i dont Think its a code related problem. Ive sent a report to prorealtime but i havent got any answer yet. Ive missed a lot of gains so im quite pissed off. If you have a strategy that takes positions every day then its easy to see but if its not…. If you turn it of and restart it then it works again. So this means that you cant be sure if your strategies are running or not…



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    Here is the scalping Candles strategy as an example. This one is good because it lost money while not working.


    Thank you Henrik.

    I have a feeling that I cannot completely rely on the platform all round round to execute the strategies.

    Turn off and on again the strategies seems to be the solutions (once a month).



    Strategy reactivated and it works now. Eyes wide opened !


    Hi, this happens to me many often… 

    Now, when I write variables based on calculations of other variables after certain bars,I am not having the problems any more of disconnected preorders. For example:




    ——– POST-modification


    If barindex> 21 then






    …hope this solution solve this issue. I  not having anymore a disconnection of pro order for unknown problem even after days and even running trades.






    Thanks Leo. Appreciated that. 

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