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    Hello Guys,

    Not sure about this Stop Loss and profit Target

    If i do this every time i add onto my long or short am i changing the Stop Loss and Profit Target for all the open positions or does below code changes it for only this additional buy/sell order.
    SET Stop %LOSS 2 %Trailing 1
    SET Target %PROFIT 3

    Eg Order A. if Im Long 4@50 SL@40
    Then if i do this later on some other day
    Order B. BUY 2 AT 60 LIMIT

    In this case im thinking
    Order A Long 4@50 SL@40
    Order B Long 2@60 SL@50

    Am i right or wrong please can someone shed some exp advice onto this.

    Many Thanks


    It depends of the broker’s server mainly.
    If you launch this code with IG, each order will have individual stoploss and takeprofit. While it will not in paper trading with Prorealtime trading where take profit and stoploss will be set for the whole orders basket at their average price plus or minus the SL and TP values you have set in your code.
    Hope it’s clear 🙂


    Thanks Nicolas,

    You mentioned Paper trading so if i Demo test on  IG account will SL works the same with each having there independent SL and TP

    Can you let me know where can i find these differences im learning from prorealtime instructions but if there are differences in how IG handles them then ill have to take that into consideration

    Many Thanks


    Hi Fes

    You said …

    In this case im thinking Order A – Buy 4@50 Set SL@40, Order B – Buy 2@60 set SL @50 (10 points below Buy Price)

    That’s how I would see it also.




    average trailing stop was good so that i can close all at one go if its gone rouge

    now ive to close it one by one each one or find something else

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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