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    Good evening everyone, trivially I would like to ask how I can set, in manual trading, a guaranteed stop on prorealtime.

    I apologize if this topic has already been proposed but, looking in the forum, I did not find anything similar.



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    Dear Nutrun,


    Following your request, please note that to place a manual trailing stop on ProRealTime, I invite you first to activate it on your trading toolbar like shown on the attached piece.

    Then you will be able to place it directly from your chart.


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    Thanks for your answer but I don’t looking for a trailing stop order but a guaranteed stop order using IG broker trought Prorealtime. How can I do that?

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    As you all are speaking English, I moved the topic to the English forum.


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    Ho risposto in inglese data la risposta nella medesima lingua alla mia prima domanda.
    Se muovere il topic nella sezione in inglese può aiutare a farmi ottenere una risposta in tempi più celeri, va benissimo.

    I answered in English given the answer in the same language to my first question.
    If moving the topic to the English section can help get me a quicker response, that’s fine.

    For english users: I’m looking for a function to set, trought PRT, a guaranteed stop order when I place a stop loss order.


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    That one. And if it is not on your toolbar, you can gat it there by the means Maverick showed (but look for the same icon).
    That would be “Stop Order – Horizontal”.

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    Thanks a lot 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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