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    Even after i increase the defparam preloadbars = 5000 i still get the error message and my automatic code is rejected. I have tried setting to 0 and also removed it totally and my code still stops. The error message is the basic …please increase the number off preloaded bars with instruction DEFPARAM etc etc


    Code works fine on back test – has also previously worked as automatic code before i have increase some filters in the code which is now causing the problem.


    Try to increase to 10,000 (max. allowed).

    In case you use very high period numbers for indicators, try decreasing them.

    As a final resort you should post your full code to be able to replicate those messages.




    I tested your code on Eur/Usd, 5-minute TF, and I get no error, no matter what PRELOADBAR I write.

    It runs smoothly. Backtest is very slow, instead!


    Try shutting down your platform and reopen it, even after restarting your PC.


    Restarted everything and reloaded and error happens again .

    I can back test no problem with the code without errors its when i then put it live – it loads it then rejects it after a few minutes.

    im running it on the DOW on 1 and 3 minute time frames.



    It must be due to extremely slow code, but I could not spot why.

    I suggest that you use Ctrl+M from the platform to ask assistance.


    Backtest is very slow, instead!

    I agree … maybe the OP just chose the wrong Username! 🙂 🙂

    I will try it on Demo Forward test and Report back!

    EDIT / PS

    Yep rejected 3 times with and without the PreLoad bars I get same error message  … Increase PreLoad bars etc etc.



    I reckon it’s timing out on Forward Test (code taking too long etc) and the error message is meaningless?

    On Backtest there is probably a longer time out period and that is why the code eventually gets there in Backtest??

    Basis for an easy worded Tech Report? I suggest …

    • System won’t run on Forward Test … please can you tell me why?

    So u suggest I ask tech support with that so I therefore will with yr suggested comments . back testing is very slow due to all the requirements it has to test … let’s see if they have a solution .. ?  Seems strange to me


    Yeah we all learn more when we make mistakes, we need to know what the limits are on time for code to run and PRT may learn something also during the investigation ?

    It may be something simple anyway that is making it real slow?

    Results (attached)  look promising on DJI 1M, spread = 4 attached so it is worth keeping the code as is  if it will run okay?

    Press Ctrl + M when you are seeing a Chart on the screen and follow the bottom option … Tech Report.



    There is no reason to extend the preloadbars according to the code, I don’t understand why you get that error message. BTW, that code reminds me something 😉


    There is something odd about that code even outside of PRT … as soon as have it up on my screen in this Forum and I am scrolling over the code … my scroll button works real slow like when I am running out of RAM.

    I reckon it’s that Username the OP has … he’s jinxed himself!!! (joke! 🙂 )

    But not joking about the slow mouse scroll.


    Any reply from PRT yet @Slowlyslowly??

    It’s still doing the same type Rejection due to not enough data history etc.

    I am curious if it will make money if we get it going!!?? 🙂


    Just spent the last hour or so removing various snippets / conditions / variables etc in an effort to stop this System being rejected and showing an error message that has nothing to do with the rejection!

    Below is the fix. Seems it maybe was timeout error as I had suggested above?

    Code was using ADXPeriod and ADXp for the same value, but ADXp was not defined anywhere in the code.



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