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    My charts only go back 2 weeks when I use 5 min, 10 min, 15min, 20min, 30min candles. When I use 1 hour it goes back around 2 months. This is very annoying since it means my EMAs (25,50,100,200) aren’t accurate and they don’t go the full length of the chart, they stop about half way.

    I have tried changing the ‘units’ but it does nothing, the graph doesn’t change if I change the anything units from 200 to 10’000. If I change the units to something like 3 months or 1 year, then it will load more data but change the timeframe to ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ which is no use to me. If I try changing the timeframe back down to something like 30mins then it goes back to units and shows the same chart as it did before.

    If set my candle length to ‘Weekly’ or ‘Daily’ and then set the chart to 10’000 units, it will load the EMAs and the chart back until 1994.

    I have 14 chart windows open on PRT and a screener running. On Task Manager whilst using PRT, my CPU usage stays pretty normal; ~60% to 70% and my memory usage varies from about 70% to 80%. Keep in mind this is with quite a few other applications running at the same time. My CPU is a i5 4960 and I have 8gb of ddr3 ram, and I launch PRT with 2GB of RAM. I have tried launching with more RAM but that changes nothing. I don’t experience any lag with the PRT interface so theres no reason to think that my PC is the issue.

    I have tried only have 5 graphs open, then saving and re-launching PRT. But when I re-launch the 5 graphs still only go back 2 weeks, just like before. Out of the 14 charts I use, 4 of those are Dow Jones, FTSE 100, US Crude and GBP/USD. These charts never get changed, since I have no need to change them. They are all on 30min candles, and they all go back too March 2016. Whereas in the 10 other chart windows, where the 2 weeks problem is, are used for stocks which get changed multiple times a day. If I change one of the DJI/FTSE/CL/GBPUSD charts to a stock, then the stock will still only show 2 weeks of data, but when I change it back to what it was before, then it goes back to showing data until March 2016.

    I’m with IG, and am using PRT (10.2) through they’re trading platform. At the top right of my PRT screen it says ‘ProRealTime Complete’. I have never made a payment towards PRT but IG says that if I make atleast 4 trades a month then I don’t pay anything, which I’m pretty sure I’ve done every month since I’ve got it. I am Spread-betting as well if that matters.

    Please help me fix this issue since it’s directly effecting my day to day trading because the EMA crosses I rely on, aren’t accurate.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Weird problem..
    Did you try to send a report console log to prorealtime already?

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    Mine has the same history, aahh, the joys of I G. Lets see if 10.3 gives us any more.

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