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    Sounds good!

    For Alerts and ‘Associated Order’ to function, does v12 require platform to be running?

    Your screenshot shows the words … Offline Notification ??

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    Alerts v12

    New features in the “Alert status” window:
    🔹Addition of the play/pause column to activate/deactivate an alert,
    🔹Addition of the column “difference in absolute %”,
    🔹Addition of the column “date of creation” (updated with each modification).

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    y a t il des améliorations concernant la fonctionnalité DDE. L’ export des valeurs des indicateurs ? Une API peux être ?


    Moderator’s reply via message edit:

    Please take into account forum rules in the yellow box at the bottom of this page, in this particular case using the language of the forum this topic belongs to.


    Post translation: “Are there any improvements regarding the DDE functionality. Export of indicator values? An API maybe?”

    Reply: ” This topic gives v12 new items shortly after PRT releases them on a daily basis, sorry we can’t reply about new v12 items unless they have been already released.”

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    Multi Time Frame v12 indicators

    Like the pivot points, Ichimoku and the Price Line indicator, it will be possible to use indicators over several time units. For example having a 50 days moving average on the 1 hour time unit.

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    Objects v12

    Version 12 of ProRealTime will allow:
    🔹The selection of several objects on the chart using the Ctrl key (or equivalent for Mac),
    🔹A wider range of colors to personalize your items.

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    Positions Simulator v12

    The “Position” object will allow you to graphically simulate a position with your stops & targets levels. Spreads, wins and losses will be shown on the subject lines.

    Useful, for example, if you want to publish an analysis.

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    Volume Profile v12

    Volume Profile indicator will display:
    🔹Point of Control: The price level corresponding to the highest volume traded, over a chosen period
    🔹Value Area (VA)
    🔹Value Area High (VAH)
    🔹Value Area Low (VAL)

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    Thank you for sharing the new features of v12. If ever possible, would it possible that you request PRT team to allow the management of an existing position with multiple TPs manually? For example if I go Long on 3 contracts and I want to close the 1st at +50pts, 2nd at +100 and 3rd at +150pts. As far as I know, for the time being, we can buy 3 times 1 lot and set different TP for each position. Thanks

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    Hi Khaled,

    I would assume it’s a request they have received a few times, I don’t know if it can be done as long as IG do not adopt the FIX protocol, and I wouldn’t know either whether it’s part of the rest of v12 new items… but if it isn’t (or if you want to emphasize this request and/or other ones before knowing if it’s in v12 or not), the route for users to send their suggestions for improvement is to click on the PRT “suggestion box” icon you may find on the left hand side of the PRT website contact page:

    (or in French if you prefer: )

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    Hi JC, My experience with PRT Hotline (via e-mail) has not been very productive. I already wrote to the CEO of PRT about a few issues including this one. I thought maybe they will be keen to listen more carefully to you, Nicolas, etc. (I’m not critizing and I’m willing to stay with PRT).

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    Notifications v12

    The display of your notifications on ProRealTime v12 will be customizable:
    🔹 Top left / right,
    🔹 Bottom left / right.
    A shortcut from the main window will provide access to unread notifications.

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    Main window v12

    A new function in the “File” tab will allow you to display and reopen recently closed windows.


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    Instrument information v12

    The instrument information in the title bar will be extended with:
    🔹 Higher / Lower
    🔹Opening price

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    When version 12 will be released?

    thanks a lot

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    Hi Khashayar,

    Apart from a tweet from PRT mentionning “spring” without specifying beginning or end, I don’t have further info, maybe Nicolas has fresher news. Also, please keep in mind it it usually released to start with with PRT sofware and PRT trading platforms. Recent experience with v10.3 release, and even more with v11 release, shows PRT IG users usually have to wait longer until IG are ready.

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