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    I have a position bought, and i want when the price drops by 0.3% to buy another position.

    Ive tried this code and the like but they dont work.


    I’ve changed your topic title as your title was meaningless. Please use topic titles that actually mean something in your future topics.

    Also post the actual code using the ‘Insert PRT Code’ button rather than post a screenshot as that makes it much easier for others to help you.

    Your percentage calculation is incorrect. A 0.3% drop would be:



    Ok Vonasi, thanks!!!

    Other question:

    If i want two positions?

    The first position when price go down 0.3%, and the second position when price go down 1%.

    Complete Code please… And more thanks!!!


    Use COUNTOFPOSITION in your conditions. If it equals 0.5 then you have one position open. If it equals 1 then you have 2 x 0.5 long positions open.



    You are fast and furious!!!


    So mucho thanks!!!




    Ive Tried several ways and i cant find the right way.




    Also post the actual code using the ‘Insert PRT Code’ button

    Hi!!! I’ve tidied up your post for you!!!




    Hi boys!!!

    The Code is good… But i have new problems.

    The system of trailing stop only Affect to the first position, the idea is Affect to all positions.

    I go Up one post of code today.



    There is no trailing stop in your code?

    If you open several positions then it is easy to treat them as a whole. That is combined number of contracts at the average bought price. If we wanted to code separate trailing stops for every individual time a position is opened then we would need to store a lot of individual information about each position. Arrays (which we don’t currently have in PRT) would be useful for this but without them we would have to run individual trailing stop codes for each open position. Possible for a limited number of open positions but not the work of a moment. I’ve not found much or any benefit to trailing stops so I’ll leave coding that to someone else rather than spend lots of time on something that I’ll never use!


    Yes, is this the problem…

    The first operation: stop 1.3% and profit 2%.

    The second operation: stop 1% and profit 2.3%.

    The third operation: stop 0.3% and profit 3%.

    And for all positions the same trailing stop.





    Okay guys.

    What i have so far is this.

    I need trailing stop affect all 3 positions when they enter the market… now it only affect the first position.

    And only the first stop and profit of the first position works… i need the stops and profits of the other position to works.


    These are the results go far in two years.

    Im sure youre not interested Vonasi???



    Every time your code reads a SET TARGET or SET STOP order it changes the exit orders for all open positions to the distance shown. To have different levels you need to place STOP and LIMIT orders at every bar close to partially close a position at different levels. Partial closure is not possible in live trading using PRT at the moment so this code could end up being a lot of work for no benefit.

    Your trailing stop code as it is will only trail a stop from the last opening position price.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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