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    Hi Nicolas!

    i saw this thread:

    since i dont know french, i cant tell if you made an algo from this indi? If not, could you help me doing so? 🙂


    Just replace the DRAWTEXT instructions with ones that can open orders: BUY, SELLSHORT 🙂


    @ullle73 … let us know how you get on please?

    btw …  I often copy and paste text from library posts into google translator to get english or whatever language.

    Or when using Chrome browser,  right click and choose language from and to (under Options) and chrome will translate.
    Reason you have to choose language from and to is that library posts can contain several languages.



    sorry, i dont get it right. Could you Nicolas change in the code how to get it right? 🙂



    i only want to enter when the indicator drawed the arrows, and want to have a 50 point target and 50 SL


    Hey don’t get disheartened @ullle73 … you did good … it has potential!  Good equity curve and good stats!?

    All I did was change line 6 and 15 … see attached .itf.  Plenty more scope for improvements?

    I will look at it again tomorrow, off to bed  now! 🙂

    EDIT / PS

    I just noticed … it needs to be Sell at Market (not Sell 3 shares at Market) as PRT doesn’t  allow partial closures.

    1. Ull-Nics-Scalp-DAX-1M-v1.itf
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    thanks!! changed to sellshort at market. Let me know if you find something else to optimize it 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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