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    See attached. I get this every time I change my indicator. I only want this to calculate on the current days data so the rest of the chart does not matter.




    Thanks for the answer. What if I only want to start calculating from the start of the day? That code specifies 200 bars but there might be more in my day profile.



    Maybe if you can provide a link to where I can find the code for the indicator in the library or the actual code of the indicator then it might be easier to see if your request is possible. It might be possible using MTF and GRAPHONPRICE using a dummy strategy but without the code it is difficult to be certain.

    The other option is to work out how many candles there are in a day for the time frame that you use and then only load the indicator for that number of bars so you have the last 24 hours only. As I don’t know the workings of the indicator or what time frame you use it on it is not possible to know if this will actually work or give accurate results.


    Here is the code. I’m still learning so please excuse the poor coding skills.


    I basically pull statistics from a SQL database and then hard code them into the indicator (which I will update weekly.)




    To be honest with you it isn’t what I would call a slow to draw indicator in the first place! However try this little modification that speeds it up a little:


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    @Grantx are you doing a load of other stuff (games maybe?) on your PC at the same time as you get the Caculating message?

    If Yes or I could be, then maybe not enough CPU power left to do a fast Calc (without screen message) while loading Indicators??

    Just thoughts / ideas anyway.


    @vonasi thanks. That made the difference. I am not seeing that message anymore.

    @GraHal nothing else besides Chrome and the PC is well specced so it should handle this simple code with ease.


    Thanks for the help.

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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